Wednesday, October 26, 2011

expanding my mind

i have recently started getting into reading.  i never really liked reading as a kid but now that i am an adult i am really getting into it.  i mean i read my share of goosebumps or babysitters club when i was a kid but i never really enjoyed reading as much as i do now. 

there are two books that i am reading that i would love to share with you.

the first one is called the 5 love languages by gary chapman and the second one that i am reading is called battlefield of the mind by joyce meyer.

both of these books have some similarities and are different all at the same time.

let's start with the 5 love languages.

this is a book that i would recommend for all newlyweds. my matron of honor gave it to my husband and i as a wedding gift and it has really helped us understand each other more.  it takes you on a journey through learning the different love languages so you can grow to understand your 
significant others unique love language.

everybody has a love language, which is the way that they show their love toward another person (which is something i was unaware of)

the book starts out by explaining each love language thoroughly so that you can understand.  at the end of the book there are two quizzes (one for the husband and one for the wife) these quizzes are there to tell you which love language you and your significant other have.

as you can see in the picture the 5 love languages are:
words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

each chapter in this book explains a little bit about each love language and what you can do for your significant other if that love language pertains to them. 

click here to find out what your love language is

the other book that i am reading is called battlefield of the mind by joyce meyer. 

this is a book that i just started reading and so far i am really enjoying it.  my mother in law let me borrow this book because i am constantly worried about things and i tend to have doubt about how things will turn out.  and if you are educated enough on the bible you know that worry and doubt are sins in god's eyes. 

this book is here to help with that.  joyce meyer does a great job of explaining that you can find peace and see the truth in your mind by thinking correctly. 

i am looking forward to finishing this book and i will definitely let you know that i have learned after i finish it.

click on this link to learn a little bit more about joyce meyer and the different books she has to offer

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