Tuesday, March 27, 2012

boot camp and casinos

let me update you on my weekend. yes i know i'm about 2 days too late, but hey today was monday and well, we know how mondays usually go...

so with bikini season quickly approaching it's time to get my booty in shape. i have to admit that married life has gotten way too comfortable and my favorite jeans no longer fit over my pooch... yes I said pooch.
i've been going to the gym about 3 times a week which is huge for me. well this weekend I decided I would try something they call "boot camp"

now this isn't boot camp where you wear army uniforms and get yelled at my men who scare the crap out of you... this is a boot camp for women like me, who are trying to get in better shape.  my first "boot camp" was very interesting.  9 am on a saturday comes very early...  i woke up in an insanely horrible mood and my husband left the house terrified of me.  as much as i wanted to stay in bed, i put on my big girl panties and drug my butt to the gym.  i can't tell you how proud i am of myself for actually going to the gym that early on a weekend.  i'm walking around in pain right now, but I know in the long run i will greatly benefit from it. 

now after my insane workout saturday morning, i went home and relaxed, then got ready for a night out on the town my my sweet hubby (who got over being mad at me finally) and my girls.  i rarely get nights like these, so when one comes around I take it and run with it!  i don't gamble (i'm way too scared to) so when we go to the casino, we actually go because it is the only decent bar close enough.. so when it was all said and done,  what started out as a groggy "boot camp" kind of morning turned out to be a fun casino kind of night.

sunday was our usual get stuff done around the house day.  we didn't make it to church (shame on us), but overall the day was very productive. 

we did our weekly grocery shopping

we did our laundry

i wish i had a laundry room like this...   

anyway... so the weekend turned out pretty good.  now it's tuesday and i still feel like it's monday :( hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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