Monday, March 12, 2012

God's little signs

i consider myself a baby christian.  i am still in the learning process.  you know that saying "everything happens for a reason"?  well i am a firm believer in that.  i rededicated my life to Christ in may of 2011, and ever since that day i have been sent small signs that remind me that yes God is really there.

one of the most amazing stories i have is the story about a man that i worked with.  we were discussing religion one day and he said to me, "i don't really believe in God".  this really hit home with me.  i felt so up set by this conversation i had with this person and i wasn't sure how to handle it.  i went home and talk to my mother in law about it and she said that i need to pray for him.  i never said anything else to him after that and about two week later we were watching the news and he turned around and said to me, "you know what? i am starting to think that God is real".  i was so overwhelmed with joy when he told me this.  i looked at him and told him that i had been praying for him, and his response was... "wow, nobody has ever prayed for me before". 

this to me was a definite sign from God.  about a month later my friend tania and I were on our way to charlotte for our sorority sisters funeral.  we had been up since about 4 am and we had her 8 months old son in tow.  we were exhausted and to make matters worse the temperature that day decided to sky rocket to about 97!  we were about half way there when my air conditioning decided to break.  we suffered for about 20 minutes and finally we couldn't take it anymore.  jokingly we decided to pray for the air conditioner.  we were at a red light and i bowed my head and tania touched the dash and prayed (keep in mind that we were doing this jokingly).  she lifted her hand off of the dash and i turned the knob to the air conditioner and to our surprise it was blowing ice cold air :o)

now you can't sit there and tell me that God was showing off just a little bit lol :o)

God is always there, and he cares for us and loves us unconditionally.  this past week has been hard on me.  i know that everything happens for a reason, but it is still hard to be confident.  this past week has made me realize that i am also blessed.  i am blessed with a wonderful family, true friends, and an amazing husband.  i truly couldn't ask for a better life.  i may not always have a great day, but in the long run those bad days don't even matter anyway.  always trust in God.  he will get you through, and remember: everything happens for a reason...

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