Tuesday, March 6, 2012

obstacles that we CAN overcome

i'm sure everyone has had something in their life go wrong.  i don't know one person whose life has been just peachy everyday. 

god puts certain obstacles in our life that we may not understand at the time, but we must trust in him to get us through.  they say everything happens for a reason and at the time of a tragedy we may not understand what that reason is.

my husbands father passed away last june.  do we know why?  no we don't.  i have lost many friends in the past year.  why have they faded away?  no idea...

i have wasted so much time sulking about lost friends and upset that things don't always go my way.  what i really need to start doing is focusing on the many blessings i do have in my life.

               1: my wonderful husband.  we may not always get along but we love each other!
               2: my family
               3: our dogs
               4: the few close friends i do have
               5: my job
               6: my relationship with christ
               7: my house.  i have a roof over my head and i shouldn't complain.
               8: my car.  i may not like the way it looks, but it gets me to where i need to go.
               9: my health
i'm sure everybody can name numerous things about their life that they may not like, but can you name at least 9 things that you are thankful for?  we find ourselves complaining about every little detail in our life, but what we need to realize is that there are so many people out there that are far less fortunate than us.  take a few minutes our of your busy day to say a prayer for those you love, those  you don't know, and those who are struggling.  and while you are at it say a prayer for yourself.  let god know how thankful you are for the many blessings in  your life.

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