Friday, March 23, 2012

rainy day moments

tgif!! it's friday, it's friday... ok i'm not going to sing like that annoying girl in that friday song :-)

but it is friday, and what a rainy friday it is... blah

wouldn't it have been nice to have stayed in bed all day instead of getting up at 6 am to get ready for work?? ugh! and of course i didn't realize it was raining until i stepped outside to leave this morning.  because i wasn't aware of the rain i definitely didn't dress for the rain, so now i have a huge wet ring around the bottom of my jeans... nice one jennifer!

anywho... so with it raining today and a good chance of rain tomorrow i thought i would share some rainy day moments with you all... enjoy :-)

oh to be a kid again and enjoy playing in the rain

um... oops

i need these for my dogs :-)

haha where can i find an umbrella like that?

ok dude... at this point i think the umbrella is unnecessary

nobody wants a rainy wedding, but this is pretty cute

too adorable


love this rainy day outfit

i love everything about this picture

do you know it's raining outside?

ok this one... i have no words.

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