Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's After Easter, Can I Wear White Now?

so what's up with the "you can't wear white after labor day" rule?  a little outdated?  i think so.  back in the olden days, it was considered rude to to wear white before easter sunday.  after easter sunday you could wear as much white as you wanted to, until labor day of course.  not many people follow this rule today, however, i am not a huge fan of wearing light colors during the winter, especially jeans or bottoms... i think everyone can agree with me on that one.  so anyway since easter has come and gone i decided to break out my adorable white denim jacket today.  :-)

check out these awesome trends for this season :-)

not a fan of white pants? try these pastel options

pretty nails
super cute 50s style dresses
gotta love cute scarves

and lets not forget a good pastel bag :-)

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