Friday, August 31, 2012

friday faves and funnies

Linking up this Friday with The Bargain Blonde to share some of my favorites of the week, and of course some funnies for a good laugh.

Favorite thing that I will be doing this weekend
Enjoying a delicious margarita!

Favorite TV moment of the week:
The Teen Mom Finale (I admit it, I cried) I will miss these girls :(

Favorite read of the week: (yup I'm still reading these books, but I'm on the third one so I'm almost done)

Favorite college team: Football season is here!!!! GO HEELS!!!!!!

And now for some funnies.  I mean we all need a good laugh right?

Wow really?
Future underwear model.
There are no words to explain this
Happy weekend friends :0)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Taylor...

I have never really been a fan of your music.  Well I do admit that some of your songs tend to get stuck in my head every now and then.  So anyway I just have to ask... What were you thinking when you wrote this new song of yours??

"We are never ever ever, getting back together.  WeeEE are never ever ever..." Ok you get my gist.

You sound like Avril Lavigne... And you are kind of starting to look like her too.

And may I add one thing?  I would also refrain from talking like a middle schooler in your songs...

Ok, I'm done ranting now.  Please go back to doing country music songs.  If I heard you on the radio back in the day I would at least sing along to you.

Your not so biggest fan

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

oh how pinteresting week 2

Well guys another summer is officially almost over :( so sad I know.  This year is flying by way too fast.  Since this weekend is Labor Day weekend (which means I have a three day weekend yay)  I thought I would share some of my Labor Day pins I found!

So we all know the rule, NO WHITE AFTER Labor Day right?? Ugh I hate it and I'm not a huge fan of rules so I tend to break it every once in a while.  So I say to those of you who do follow the rules, this is the weekend to go all out!

Yummy Labor Day food?? Bring it on! I'm talking about some shrimp, burgers and CAKE!!!! What better way to celebrate the end of summer then with a watermelon cake?

I just had to put this one in here hahahaha too funny!

OK this has nothing to do with Labor Day but I couldn't resist! This is my new favorite pick up line lol!

Now go join the link up for yourself! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the babysitting blues

This is going to be long but I just have to tell you all about my babysitting adventures.

Do you all remember The Babysitter's Club??

Sometimes I feel like I should have been a character in these books.

I mean I have all the drama that Kristy had (sometimes) lol

Anyway I love kids, I really do and I can't wait to have one of my own someday.  I feel like I am way behind in the baby making area, and everyone around me is popping them out like pez candy! I am almost 27 and my husband and I have been married for almost a year (wow I can't believe it myself)

Since I am one of the last of my married friends to have kids I always get stuck with the title "Aunt Jennifer" which I don't mind at all.  I love being an aunt and as much as I want kids, a small part of me can't help but smile when small children leave my house after I am done babysitting.  It's great knowing I can watch these kids and at the end of the day they are going back home with their mom...

I had the pleasure of watching some of my favorite little ones, Tallyn and Beckett last night.  Their mom and I have been great friends for quite some time.  I was so excited to babysit.  Tallyn is 3 and Beckett is 10 months.  I love these kids so much and I have watched them grow.  Tallyn called me the other day and said "Aunt Jean-fur, I miss you" It made my heart melt :-)

Anyway back to my story.  So I picked them up last night at about 7 and took them to our house.  So as soon as the kids were in my car, it turned in to a mommy mobile.  I switched the XM channels between Radio Disney and The Kids Channel so it would keep them happy.

When we pulled in the driveway I said to Tallyn, "Tallyn I'm going to put you and your brother inside while I unload the car".

Well that didn't work out so well.  As soon as I opened the door and put Beckett down he started to cry, Zoe ran out the door and Beckett started crawling after her.  So here I am standing on my porch yelling at my dog trying to grab Beckett while he is trying to escape and Tallyn is standing on the porch with her snuggie refusing to go inside unless I am inside too.  So finally I get both kids and the dog inside.  I try and persuade Tallyn to stay inside long enough to let me unload the stuff in the car. So with the Fresh Beat Band on TV and Beckett playing with some stuffed animals I quickly run outside to unload the stuff.  I come back inside and it was like I never left... THANK GOD!

So with Beckett still fussy I decide to give him a bath while Tallyn is dancing in the living room to Fresh Beat Band.  He starts screaming as soon as I put him in the tub.  Desperate to get him to calm down I start splashing water around.  He thinks it's hilarious and just when I start to wash his hair he splashes water up at me and I am soaked.  "Ok, I can handle this" I say and when he is done LT (my hubby) is pulling into the drive way.  I was beyond happy to see him.  I don't know how single moms do it.

I am soaking wet with a screaming child in my arms and a 3 year old dancing and singing in the living room and Zoe barking her head off.   It was probably quite funny to see.

So with everything finally settling down, Tallyn says to me "I pee pee in my pants"... Oh Crap! Well I had no choice but to put a leftover Pull Up I had from my last babysitting adventure on her, which she really didn't like because they didn't look like big girl panties.  Let's just say at this point I was feeling a bit overwhelmed...

When Nichole returns to pick up the kids I am exhausted and ready for a glass of wine.  She laughs at the sight of Tallyn in a Pull Up and poor Beckett in nothing but a diaper :-)

I'm sure she understands lol

So after the kiddos leave I straighten up the house and sit down to eat drenched in bath water and cheese puff crumbs and just start crying :(  I feel like I am the worst babysitter in the world and that I am never going to be a good mom. 

Thank goodness I have my husband there because he knows how to calm me down.  I feel so dumb bawling my eyes out, and then realize it's ok because females are supposed to be emotional sometimes, and I'm allowed to be like this every once in a while. 

So my babysitting night made me realize that maybe I can wait to start a family.  As much as I want kids I really enjoy my time to myself.  And I am not saying this to sound selfish, it's just I need to take some more time to myself before having a child.  I want to give a shout out to all of those single mothers because you guys have the hardest job in the world.

So until that day comes when we start a family, I am going to enjoy being Aunt Jennifer :-)

Monday, August 27, 2012

We ♥ To Shop

What's up my blogger peeps??
Wow what a weekend I had.

Friday night me and a few friends ventured over to Ashe-Vegas to eat at Wild Wings.  We took my friend Nichole with us and she decided to make us a CD with some old school tunes, including my favorite, Pony by Ginuwine.  Come on girls you know you love that song...

After our Asheville adventure we all piled back at my place on our new patio and had a few drinks

My Saturday started at 6:30 am with my alarm ringing way too loud in my ear... UGH

Anywho I got out of bed and hurried to get ready for our annual girls shopping trip for work.  We headed down to Atlanta to The Mall of Georgia to spend a little money.

Check out my cute new dress from Old Navy (oh and my new haircut)

After our morning of spending money we headed over to Olive Garden for delicious food... YUM :-)

Our shopping day lasted until 8pm that night and let me just tell you I was exhausted.  Shopping is tiring.  But my night wasn't over yet.  My friend Vanessa had her housewarming party that night so I hopped on over to her place and had a blast! I love catching up with old friends.

Check out another new find from Forever 21. That cute coral blazer I'm sporting :-)

Sunday was just like any other Sunday.  The usual grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning day. 

My weekend was pretty eventful.  Now let's see if I can make it through the week...

Happy Monday bloggies :-)


Friday, August 24, 2012

friday faves

Happy Friday to all my bloggies!  Thought I would link up with Lindsey over at The Bargain Blonde for Friday Favorites and share a few of my faves with you all and of course some funnies :-)

So let's just be honest and admit that Christian Grey is every woman's dream man at the moment (yes my first born son will be named Christian)

Anyhoo my #1 FAVORITE this Friday has to be be 50 Shades of Grey...  I'm the last of my friends to read these books and I must say that I am SO INTO them! I am in the middle of the 2nd book and honestly I can't put it down.

 Is it bad to admit that I actually had a dream about Christian Grey?? Oh Miss Steele how I wish I could be you for a day ;-)

And on that note here is a funny to follow:

Ok so enough of my Grey moment...

So it's August 24th which means that a month from today I will be here:

BEAUTIFUL CANCUN! It's alright you can be jealous :-)  That swim up bar will probably become my FAVORITE place that week.

And here a few of my favorite funnies of the day if you need a good laugh. Enjoy :-)

Here's to the freakin weekend haha I think she'll drink to that...

 Now go join the link up and show us your Friday Faves...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Let's be honest, I'm a bit of a lush.  I enjoy alcoholic beverages.  Who doesn't? I am always looking for new drink recipes.  Since it's Thursday I figured everyone must be a little "thirsty" so I'm gonna share a new recipe I found!

Raspberry Beer Cocktail 

What you'll need:
  • 3/4 cup frozen raspberries* $
  • 3 1/2 (12-oz.) bottles beer, chilled $
  • 1 (12-oz.) container frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 1/2 cup vodka

How you'll make it:
  1. 1. Stir together first 4 ingredients. Serve over ice. Garnish, if desired.
  2. *Fresh raspberries may be substituted.
  3. Note: To make ahead, stir together lemonade concentrate and vodka in a large container. Chill up to 3 days. Stir in raspberries and beer just before serving. Garnish, if desired.
  Looks good right??

Now be careful not to have too much or you'll end up like this:

Happy Thirst-day! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

oh how pinteresting

My lovely fellow blondie Julia Rose told me about this link up with Michele at The Vintage Apple.  Every Wednesday she hosts an Oh How Pinteresting Link Up.  So I figured I would give it a try.

This is perfect for the end of summer season.  So simple and elegant.

Ok so my little dog Zoe sleeps in the bed with us, I know it's probably not the best thing to do but I love her soooo much!  Anyway she always curls up between us to go to sleep so in the morning when I get up I literally try to stay as quiet as I can just so I don't wake her up... I know it's pathetic, but this ecard says it perfect :-)

 Love this end of summer outfit.  Perfect for a Saturday BBQ or shopping day

Ok Tarheel fans.  It's football season.  I'm not a huge football fan (more of a basketball fan) but these would be great for a college football party

yup this is me everyday...

Another football snack idea :-) YUM

Well there ya go folks.  My pins for the week.  Tune in next time, and be sure to join the link up

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

oh dear. it's been too long

ok ok i know... it's been since APRIL that i last blogged.  i have to say that i am super proud and super jealous of my bestie julia rose at "a blonde walked into a blog". she is blogging everyday and i'm super obsessed with her posts.  i only wish that i could make the time to post everyday like she does.  kuddos to her.

anyway a little catch up on my life.

so my and the hubs are doing fantastic, and if you are wondering... no mini me in our near future.  def putting the kids thing on hold.

we booked our anniversary trip about a month ago, or what i would like to call a "2nd honeymoon" :-)

we decided on Cancun and we couldn't be more excited.  so it's healthy eating and gym time to be able to fit into the string bikinis my husband thought would look good on me.

let me just tell you about my hubs doing a little shopping for me.

he tells me that he bought some bathing suits for me on ebay... ok first of all, EBAY??

anyway when they finally come in the mail i'm excited but nervous to see just what he really thinks i should be wearing in Mexico.  well lets just say there isn't much to these bikinis lol!

so i am working my butt off in the gym to make sure i look decent in my itty bitty bikinis.

so enough about my new wardrobe, i've also been having a ton of girls nights lately.  it keeps me sane.

if any of you ladies haven't seen magic mike yet, please do so ASAP! 

channing tatum is HOTT!!!!

and if a hot male stripper movie wasn't enough we are also caught up in these books, 50 shades of grey!  i just love catching up with the girls about this trilogy.  of course i am the last one of them to read these things.

so anyway that's a little catch up about my sweet life.  maybe this time it won't be 4 months until my next post :-)



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