Friday, August 24, 2012

friday faves

Happy Friday to all my bloggies!  Thought I would link up with Lindsey over at The Bargain Blonde for Friday Favorites and share a few of my faves with you all and of course some funnies :-)

So let's just be honest and admit that Christian Grey is every woman's dream man at the moment (yes my first born son will be named Christian)

Anyhoo my #1 FAVORITE this Friday has to be be 50 Shades of Grey...  I'm the last of my friends to read these books and I must say that I am SO INTO them! I am in the middle of the 2nd book and honestly I can't put it down.

 Is it bad to admit that I actually had a dream about Christian Grey?? Oh Miss Steele how I wish I could be you for a day ;-)

And on that note here is a funny to follow:

Ok so enough of my Grey moment...

So it's August 24th which means that a month from today I will be here:

BEAUTIFUL CANCUN! It's alright you can be jealous :-)  That swim up bar will probably become my FAVORITE place that week.

And here a few of my favorite funnies of the day if you need a good laugh. Enjoy :-)

Here's to the freakin weekend haha I think she'll drink to that...

 Now go join the link up and show us your Friday Faves...

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