Friday, August 31, 2012

friday faves and funnies

Linking up this Friday with The Bargain Blonde to share some of my favorites of the week, and of course some funnies for a good laugh.

Favorite thing that I will be doing this weekend
Enjoying a delicious margarita!

Favorite TV moment of the week:
The Teen Mom Finale (I admit it, I cried) I will miss these girls :(

Favorite read of the week: (yup I'm still reading these books, but I'm on the third one so I'm almost done)

Favorite college team: Football season is here!!!! GO HEELS!!!!!!

And now for some funnies.  I mean we all need a good laugh right?

Wow really?
Future underwear model.
There are no words to explain this
Happy weekend friends :0)


  1. Haha I know right?? Its like a snuggie on steroids

  2. I'm loving this blog! Thanks for coming by so I could check it out. Everything is so cute. :) Now I want a margarita too! You've definitely got a new follower.

  3. I was so sad about Teen Mom too! How sad to be sad about Teen Mom ending haha.

    And these funnies are ridiculous. I just can't.



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