Tuesday, August 14, 2012

oh dear. it's been too long

ok ok i know... it's been since APRIL that i last blogged.  i have to say that i am super proud and super jealous of my bestie julia rose at "a blonde walked into a blog". she is blogging everyday and i'm super obsessed with her posts.  i only wish that i could make the time to post everyday like she does.  kuddos to her.

anyway a little catch up on my life.

so my and the hubs are doing fantastic, and if you are wondering... no mini me in our near future.  def putting the kids thing on hold.

we booked our anniversary trip about a month ago, or what i would like to call a "2nd honeymoon" :-)

we decided on Cancun and we couldn't be more excited.  so it's healthy eating and gym time to be able to fit into the string bikinis my husband thought would look good on me.

let me just tell you about my hubs doing a little shopping for me.

he tells me that he bought some bathing suits for me on ebay... ok first of all, EBAY??

anyway when they finally come in the mail i'm excited but nervous to see just what he really thinks i should be wearing in Mexico.  well lets just say there isn't much to these bikinis lol!

so i am working my butt off in the gym to make sure i look decent in my itty bitty bikinis.

so enough about my new wardrobe, i've also been having a ton of girls nights lately.  it keeps me sane.

if any of you ladies haven't seen magic mike yet, please do so ASAP! 

channing tatum is HOTT!!!!

and if a hot male stripper movie wasn't enough we are also caught up in these books, 50 shades of grey!  i just love catching up with the girls about this trilogy.  of course i am the last one of them to read these things.

so anyway that's a little catch up about my sweet life.  maybe this time it won't be 4 months until my next post :-)


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