Monday, August 27, 2012

We ♥ To Shop

What's up my blogger peeps??
Wow what a weekend I had.

Friday night me and a few friends ventured over to Ashe-Vegas to eat at Wild Wings.  We took my friend Nichole with us and she decided to make us a CD with some old school tunes, including my favorite, Pony by Ginuwine.  Come on girls you know you love that song...

After our Asheville adventure we all piled back at my place on our new patio and had a few drinks

My Saturday started at 6:30 am with my alarm ringing way too loud in my ear... UGH

Anywho I got out of bed and hurried to get ready for our annual girls shopping trip for work.  We headed down to Atlanta to The Mall of Georgia to spend a little money.

Check out my cute new dress from Old Navy (oh and my new haircut)

After our morning of spending money we headed over to Olive Garden for delicious food... YUM :-)

Our shopping day lasted until 8pm that night and let me just tell you I was exhausted.  Shopping is tiring.  But my night wasn't over yet.  My friend Vanessa had her housewarming party that night so I hopped on over to her place and had a blast! I love catching up with old friends.

Check out another new find from Forever 21. That cute coral blazer I'm sporting :-)

Sunday was just like any other Sunday.  The usual grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning day. 

My weekend was pretty eventful.  Now let's see if I can make it through the week...

Happy Monday bloggies :-)


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