Monday, September 17, 2012

I Wore Heels to a County Fair

Happy Monday to all my lovely readers.  And happy one year anniversary to my sweet hubster!!!!

I hope that each of you had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was full of laziness, county fairs and getting ready for our Mexico trip. 

My hubby had a booth at our county fair this weekend and of course with me being the loving wife I had to go keep him company.  Well I wore my cute new heels that I got at Burlington's (best store ever) to work that day so I didn't have time to go home and change before I went to the fair.  Ok so our fair isn't one of those that has all of the carnival rides.  This fair is what I like to call a "hick" fair.  We're talking pigs, cows, chickens the whole shebang guys.

So anyway here I am prancing around in my cute little high heels looking like an idiot while everyone else is in overalls and cowboy boots.  I decided to a stroll down to the barn with my sister to see the animals and kept sinking in the ground.  Gross!  I got a TON of looks that night.  Definitely not one of my best ideas.

Saturday was an all around good day.  Went furniture shopping and then picked up some last minute items for our trip next week.  (A week from today!!! Hells yeah)

That night we must have watched at least 10  movies and chilled on the couch with our fur babies.

Sunday was just like any other Sunday at our house.  Slept in till noon and spent the rest of the day doing housework. 

Tonight we are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary by going out to eat and eating our wedding cake and our wedding day champagne.  Still hard to believe it's been a year.  :o)

So with all of that said I hope you guys have a great Monday.  I linked up today with Amber at Living in the Moment for another Motivational Monday.  I think we all need a little motivation on Mondays :o)

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  1. wow heels to a country fair, you are a brave girl! congrats on your one year, enjoy your wedding cake topper and celebrating one year of marital bliss!



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