Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Official... I'm not preggers!  Haha but I am officially obsessed with blogging

I started my blog about a year ago and hardly ever posted on it. Recently I've been obsessed, big time!  I feel like a kid on Christmas when I have a new comment or a new follower. 

Thank you to all of my new followers!  My goal is to have 20-25 by the end of next week!  Hopefully I can reach my goal ;-)

Well peeps back to my day of sunbathing. Gotta get some sun while I can considering its nearing the end of summer :(

Happy Saturday my sweet friends!


  1. I'm with you girl. I can't seem to stop blogging. Hope you enjoyed sunbathing! I got to spend some time outside with the fiance as well so that was nice. :) Happy 3 day weekend!

  2. hey there!! newest follower :)) you are too cute! i love your blog design and i neeeeed that eat-sleep-blog sign hanging in my office haha! oh the blogging obsession!



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