Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a celebrity and a few pins

woo hoo! it's hump day! 
who else is excited??
so apparently franklin and highlands are the new celebrity hotspots.
gerard butler was here a few weeks ago. at big lots of all places... and look who is in town now!

that's my best friends hubster with brooklyn decker and her hottie husband andy roddick
yup they were in highlands last night! crazy huh?

so anyway it's wednesday which not only means we are over the hump but it's also 
pinteresting wednesday!!!!

time to pin peeps...

check out this tasty treat!

cute fall decor


wanna see more? follow me :)


  1. I LOVE that blue bow headband. I just wonder if it would look that adorable on me. That's never my luck ;)

    1. I know girl me too! I always feel like the cute stuff never looks as cute when it's on me haha :)



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