Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a hurricane, blog hop, and another liebster nomination!

first and foremost... i just want to send out some prayers to all those who were affected by this horrible storm last night!  i hope non of you were in the path of sandy, and if so my thoughts and prayers are definitely with you!

so everytime a natural disaster happens in this country i get cracked up at the number of fake reports and pictures i see circling the web..
did anyone see this famous pic yesterday??

at first i thought... wtf??? that is crazy, bye nyc!  and then i realized, wait a sec that's definitely a shot from "the day after tomorrow".  really people come on!

just redonkulous!

so anyway did any of you lovely ladies get any snow last night?
we sure didn't...
i have to admit that i acted a little like a first grader when i woke up and didn't see any snow outside.  i felt like a kid on christmas who doesn't get the present from santa they were hoping for. :(  very disappointed!!

so on with my post for the day.
i'm doing my very first gfc blog hop today!
linking up with jen over at "mama said there'd be days like this"

hop on over to her cute blog and check it out!

so as i posted yesterday, i was nominated for the liebster award.  well i found out yesterday i was nominated again by sweet whitney over at "life alaskin style".

and because i love answering everyone's questions, i thought i would include hers in today's blog post.  so here we go :-)

1.  Head back to about the year 2000.  Backstreet boys or *Nsync?
definitely backstreet boys
2.  What is your dream job?  Like literally if you could do anything to make money, what would it be?
well i do enjoy my job that i have right now, but i'd have to say that if i could do anything it would be to open up a cute little boutique and be my own boss.
3.  What's your favorite holiday? Why?
that's easy.. christmas!  and no not because of presents, but because of what this holiday actually means.  and since i've gotten older i don't really care about the "getting" it's the "giving" that i care about, and the meaning of christmas.  i also love all of the decorations, music, and holiday food too!
4.  What is your favorite childhood memory?
favorite childhood memory would have to be going to texas every summer to see my dad.  we would spend all summer long out there and always had so much fun!

5.  Dogs, cats, or both?

6.  Where would you live if you could choose?
honestly i don't think i would ever want to live anywhere else.  i tried that once and hated it!

7.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
when people don't answer their phone... even though i'm guilty of that too lol

8.  If you had to be stuck inside a Disney movie, which one would you choose?
oh wow good question... i'm gonna have to say cinderella, only if i could be her in the movie.

9.  What is your go-to beauty product at the moment that you can't live without?
my bare essentials concealer. best stuff ever!

10.  Gold or Silver?
platinum! haha jk i'm not really that high maintenance... silver!

11.  Have you ever been to Alaska?  Would you visit if you could?
never been, but always wanted to visit!  it looks beautiful! 

so there ya have it folks!  now i want to give a shout out to a couple of bloggers before i head to lunch.  these two lovely ladies are very new to blogging and need some followers!  go check out tiffani's new blog at tiffani and everything her

well that's all for today!  happy tuesday :-)



  1. When I first saw that picture, I was horrified. And then I realized it was from a movie too. And the pictures of sharks in the front yard? Fabricated. It's weird to me that people make up these pictures, about something so serious that have lost their lives to.

    We got hit hard yesterday, but nowhere near as bad as Jersey and NYC.


  2. Aww thanks for answering my questions too! It's fun to see some answers to the questions I came up with :) It snowed here last night, but I don't think it had anything to do with Hurricane Sandy lol. I couldn't believe on the news this morning all the damage from that storm and the 1-2 feet of snow in some parts of West Virginia! Glad you stayed safe but sorry you didn't at least get a teensy bit of snow :)

  3. Please please please open your own boutique!!!

  4. I hate when the phone rings and I BARELY miss it, yet there is still no answer when I call back. How far from the phone could they have possibly gotten in three seconds?

  5. Love your blog!!! Newest follower!!!




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