Friday, October 5, 2012

a letter and a new look

so you are probably getting a little tired of my blog changing like every other day lol.  well i promise that this time it's staying like this for a while.  i'm tired of messing with it, and eventually i will end up paying someone to do it for me.  but until then this will do.

i've been such a slacker this week with writing on my blog.  i'm so sorry loves :(
so i promise that i will try and do a better job.
so today i am linking up with ashley for friday's letters.

dear friday:
i am so glad you decided to show your face.  i have been waiting for you all week.  please don't let me down!

dear head cold,
i hate you and i wish you would go away.  i'm tired of coughing and sneezing :(

dear mexico,
i miss you end of story

dear dz sisters,
i know this week has been tough for all of you.  hang in there.  ps i may be there to party for homecoming tomorrow night.  haven't made up my mind yet :)

dear hubby,
thanks for taking care of me this week while i've been sicky.  you're the best and i love you!

dear taylor hanson,
you have a baby??  i still see you as boy singing mmm bop.  congrats though!

there you have it. go check out ashley's blog and make sure to join the linky!
happy friday loves


  1. I LOVE the new look hun! It's so adorable! I hope you are feeling better. Being sickly is just so miserable!




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