Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A What I'm Loving "Wopping" Wednesday

I promise I'm not going to rant or make anyone cry is this post like I did yesterday. I'm doing my first "What I'm Loving Wednesday" linkup with Jamie over at This Kind of Love.

And here is what I'm loving this week...

...this dark tan I'm rockin from my trip to Mexico last week.
...our new friends we met on our vacation. We miss them :( new favorite song (and dance) The Wop

...the new song from Gary Allen. Absolutely LOVE this song!

...the fact that it's getting colder and feeling more like fall.
...the new Burger King Smoothies (so good)

...that it's my besties 25th birthday today! Go wish Julia over at A Blonde Walked into a Blog a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

we are two peas in a pod! Love her!

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.
love you all!


  1. Stopping by from What I'm Loving Wednesday, what a cute blog. I wish I was tan from Mexico, looks like a fun trip!

    1. Awe thanks for stopping by :-) happy Wednesday!

  2. That is my new fav song... I seriously just went to iTunes and downloaded WOP. IT'S HOTTER THAN A BABY IN DA MICROWAVE.... love it.



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