Monday, October 15, 2012

a whole lotta nuttin

changing it up today and doing a new link up with syndal over at synfully delicious.
she's got a super cute blog and you really should go check it out!

so anyway my weekend consisted of... drum roll please
absolutely nothing

well friday night we did have a double date night with our wonderful friends jared and samantha.
we ate at an amazing italian restaurant in town and then had a few glasses of wine at their house.
it was an evening full of laughs and good times :)

saturday we cleaned the house and my handsome hubster mowed the lawn

that night we had some serious cuddle time with our sweet pups :)
tucker got to spend some quality time with daddy.

sunday was out usual grocery shopping.
we also rented some movies and let me just go ahead and warn you, if you plan on renting melancholia do yourself a favor and don't!

this stupid movie is about a planet hitting earth and it is the most confusing crap i've ever watched.
so anyway...

on this monday i am in some serious need for a laugh who's with me??
so here ya go...

too funny

so true!

let's make like a baby and head out yo...
happy monday


  1. Bwaaahahaha that Miley Cyrus picture is hilarious, and super creepy at the same time!

    Thanks for linking up, Jennifer!

  2. I need to be a part of your weekend again sister!!



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