Monday, October 8, 2012

hellava weekend

haha actually my weekend was very non eventful
 all i did was lay around and watch movies and try to get rid of this stupid cold :(
now it's time for another weekend update.

friday bed by 10.  the end.  haha
saturday... starting to feel a little better.  i got my butt outa bed around 11 am and attempted to look as good as i could considering the way i was feeling.  we met my hubbys cousin and his family at the store and decided we were going to grill out and have some drinks that night.  
saturday was homecoming at wcu (which i was unable to attend due to my stupid illness) but i decided to celebrate in the comfort of my own home.

let's just say that cough medicine and mich ultra DO NOT MIX!
after two of those and a glass of wine i didn't even know my own name... yeah go cats!

so sunday was my best friends son's first birthday party.

this is little beckett.  i love this little boy to pieces ;-)
i can't believe he is already a year old though

so hard to believe.

anyway this little guy was so cute, however he didn't enjoy his cake at all.  he had absolutely no interest in it lol

he was so stinkin cute!
yeah and i definitely got another taste of mommyhood yesterday too.
i took my nieces harmony and london to the party and london is in the
 beginning stages of pottytraining.
so i come around the corner during the party and london is standing in a puddle
of her own pee... yup
i heard the dreaded words yet again "jean fur i peed
 my pants"really?!?
haha seems like this always happens to me.

last but not least i ended my weekend with the new season of duck dynasty :-)

my new favorite show.  so funny y'all!

so there ya have it my eventful yet interesting weekend.  hopefully next monday i can give you an even more exciting update.


  1. I LOOOOVE DUCK DYNASTY!!! The hubs and I crack up the whole time!!!

  2. Your weekend sounds about as exciting as mine did! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loving yours as well. Yay for Chevron!!! I'm you newest follower too! Excited to read past posts and see what is to come!

  3. Im so sorry you were sick all weekend. But it still looks like you had a good weekend. You rallied!

  4. ahhhh! I love love love love Duck Dynasty!
    fav show ever!

    I hope you are feeling better! :)



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