Thursday, October 25, 2012

i heart lil jon... what?!? OK!!!

linking up to let you know that it's ok!

first off i gotta let you know how proud my husband was last night when i told him how hilarious everyone thought his post was.  if he didn't have a big head before, he does now.

so on with my post for the day.

it's ok...

that i'm stoked to see lil jon this saturday
what?! yeayahhh!! ok!!!

that i searched all damn day yesterday for a halloween costume to wear saturday. 

to forget my milk for my granola cereal and use yogurt instead.  it's actually not that bad.

that i almost cried last night when i went to go rent magic mike and found out that they were all out!!! don't they know to stock up extra on those types of movies.. geez!

that i went to two grocery stores yesterday looking for coffee mate pumpkin spice creamer.

that i started following holly madison on instagram the other day.  i wish girls next door still aired :(

that i was 10 minutes late for work this morning and kept thinking of excuses as i drove to work trying not to get pulled over.  

to wish at one point that i actually would have gotten pulled over just so i would have a good excuse for being late.

that i wish my hair was still this long, and sometimes wish my pup was still this tiny.  isn't she a sweet thang??

happy thursday loves!


  1. Can't fault you for going to 2 stores for pumpkin spice creamer. That stuff is yummy! Happy Thursday!

    Rachel @

    1. It's my favorite!!! But I live in such a small town and I can't find it anywhere :(

  2. Aww I miss long hair Jean-Fur and baby Zoe Bug!!! But I love your short hair too! And it should be a crime for Magic Mike to not stay in stock. Do movie stores not know how vital that movie is to our lives as women???

  3. I've been requesting movies from the local library nowadays because they seem to be coming faster than Netflix lately. Magic Mike is on that list :)

    Stopping by from Its OK Thursday!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I told my movie store to call me when it came in, but I may just go buy it lol

  4. you have gorgeous hair. long or short!!

    how did youget it to curl so nicely! jealoussss.

    haha lil jon. i love saying "whattttt, yeeaahhhh oohhhhkayyyyy!!!" hahaa i just love it.

    1. Awe thanks girl! It's natural haha jk. I use a large barrel curling iron :-)

  5. i look at my pup and wish he was tiny still too, i loved that puppy stage. what did you end up telling work the reason why you were 10 minutes late?

    1. Haha well I lucked out! Nobody asked and my boss wasn't here ;-)

  6. Newest follower here! I found you through the Thursday link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  7. AHHHH NO MAGIC MIKE?? IT'S A TRAGEDY FOR SURE! I think I could watch that movie over and over again and be content (even without the sound! Hahaha!)

    Love your blog! Newest follwer! :)



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