Thursday, October 18, 2012

it's ok that i couldn't figure out a good title

sorry guys, i wasn't feeling very creative this morning so no creative post title today. hehe. 
well tomorrow is friday, finally!  did this week seem to go by super fast to anyone else?
because it seriously flew right past me.
so i'm linking up today for it's ok thursday because sometimes we need a little reminder that "hey! it's ok"

Its Ok Thursdays

it's ok
that it's raining today, it gives me a good excuse not to have to fix my hair or dress up for work.

that my grandma is reading fifty shades of grey...
i just love her!
yup that's me and sis booty shakin on sweet grannie

hey lookie i'm a little drunkie
 ok back to my ramblings

it's ok
that i'm sore today because i started back at the gym last night

see i was super stoked to work out... not
but then i put on my game face and i was ready to get buff
it's ok
 that i find it hilarious that flava flave was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon...

ok actually it's not really supposed to be funny, it's actually quite serious because it was against his stepson, but i couldn't help but wonder if it was the huge clock he tried to use as a deadly weapon 

dude fix yo teeth!
 it's ok
that i signed up to receive emails from using my work email because i don't wanna miss any good deals.  i mean come on wine deals are the bomb y'all!
it's ok 
that i don't really have anything else to ramble about so i'm gonna say peace out homies
go join the link up!


  1. i cant believe gma is reading 50 shades. that is too funny!!

  2. being sore is a good sign of a good work-out! and your grandma looks so cute, my grandma might turn 50 shades of red if she read that book

  3. HI!!! Thanks for finding me, you are so stinking cute. Your grandma looks like she's always down for a good time:) I'm excited to be your #58 follower:) I'm from Charlotte, NC gotta support my Tarheel girl!!



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