Wednesday, October 24, 2012

let's pin today, it's been a while

well it's that time again.  we're halfway to friday folks!  i hope you guys enjoyed my post yesterday.  i'm not usually that sentimental... anyway, we all know what wednesday is so we're linking up today with michelle over at the vintage apple for ohp!


let's get started.
so i love pinterest because it gives me some kind of hope of being creative.  well i have pinned and pinned and pinned and haven't tried a single craft... at all!
well i'm going to change that starting this holiday season.  i'm going to attempt to get crafty.
check out these cute diy crafties.

and check out these super cute fall outfits

ok it's obvious that boots are in this season

new hair color. Love this.

like to see more?

happy hump day everyone

1 comment:

  1. Loving those brown boots in the first outfit and the green jacket. Stopping by from the OHP link-up.



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