Tuesday, October 9, 2012

let's talk about the color grey

hey don't fret guys it's tuesday, only one more day closer to friday!
you know i started thinking about this the other day.  i feel like i don't really get to enjoy each day because i'm always so focused on friday getting here :(
so i'm gonna start trying to find the good in each day.
why not start today out with some good news...

let's talk about the color grey for a minute
so it's official ladies.  on monday, it was announced that kelly marcel will write the screenplay for the film fifty shades of grey!!!!!!!!
let's celebrate shall we ;-)

so the big question is: who will play christian??

sorry ladies, not ryan gosling :(

rumor has it that it's between these two hotties right here

alexander skarsgard
ian somerhalder
i'm literally drooling on my desk.
i personally think that mr. true blood, alexander should get the role.  there is just something so sexy about his wavy blonde hair and his vampire role ;-)
i'll be his sookie, and ana anyday!
so raise your hand if you would be thrilled is ben affleck accidentally hit your car???
me, me, me...pick me!

look he's even sweet enough to leave a note.
ben you can hit my car anytime you want. i would purposely leave the dent just to say you did it :)

ok so have y'all seen jen's engagement ring??
seriously who needs a diamond this big??
i do... just sayin! ;-)
lucky biatchhhh!

and last but not least...
can you guess who this lovely lady is??

drum roll please

yup miss demi levato herself goin all punk rock on us and pumpin her own gas.  i'm shocked...

anyhow, i hope you all have a wonderful tuesday. 
the end

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  1. Alex. Alex. Alex. Yes. Yes. Yes. You just made my day, sister!!! EEEEE CHRISTIAN GREYYYY!!!!



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