Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my new fashion statement

so i decided last night that i'm starting a new fashion trend.

no it's not new shoes, or a fabulous new scarf, or even a new purse.
my new fashion statement is...
the armor of god

 so i've been a little down in the dumps lately...
i'm in a rut that i can't seem to get myself out of.
does anyone else feel that way from time to time?

 i feel like the reason i get in these moods sometimes is because i've drifted away from god. 
i admit it. 
i haven't been living the way that i should.
prayer has not been a part of my everyday life like it should.
...and my bible has been closed for a while.
and it's actually starting to collect dust.
not good!

 i go through phases of doing really good praying, reading my bible and actually studying the word, and then i drift away from it.  that's what has happened to me lately.  i've drifted away from the one person who you should be able to go to about anything.
my husband and i had a conversation about this last night.  first of all let me just say that i am so thankful for my husband.  he was raised in a very strict christian home.  he knows the bible and is very educated about these types of things.  he told me a story about him and his brother when they were growing up.  their mom would gather them at the front door every morning before leaving for school and they would all hold hands and put on their armor of god.  just like anything else they would put on for school.  it was a part of their daily wardrobe. 

i thought this story was so sweet, and then i realized that i had never been taught about the armor of god.  i had no clue what it was about.  
ephesians 6:11
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil."

after reading about this i realized that all of these negative feelings were works of satan himself.  i had been forgetting to put a very important piece of wardrobe on each day... my armor.

just like soldiers at war, we face a battle everyday.  this world is full of sin and negativity and by putting on the armor of god each morning you are shielding yourself from those daily battles.  
now i confess that i am not perfect. there are many things i do on a daily basis that would not make god happy.  i sin everyday.

we all do.
nobody lives a perfect life.  some may want you to think that way, but believe me they don't.  so i challenge each of you to put on your armor each morning.

start your day right by putting on your armor.  make this a daily routine that you just have to do.

i know i'm going to start doing a better job of being an example of god.
when you're in the car each morning, instead of listening to that gossip radio show, turn on some christian music.  i did that this morning and i can already tell you that my day is much brighter today than they have been. 

i would like to ask all of my readers to say a little prayer for me.  pray that i will overcome these negative feelings, and do a better job of living by faith.  
i pray that each of you are blessed today by reading this.  i know that this is more of a serious post, but like i said in a previous blog sesh... i blog so i can write about what i want, and today i felt that god was pushing me to write this post today.  so put on that armor girls! i think in this world we live in today, we need it more than ever before...

love you all!


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing, this was just what I needed to read today. I've been going through sort of the same 'cycle' and have really been feeling down lately. I found your blog via Michelle's link up and I look forward to reading more from you :)


    1. Oh and ps I'll definitely be keeping you in my prayers!!



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