Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sh#t just got serious

so i hit over 50 followers yesterday! that's like a big deal
actually i'm at 55 which means i gained 7 new followers in one day!!! yay!
so to celebrate my little milestone i'm hosting a giveaway this friday.
yup my first giveaway. that's an even bigger deal :)

my mom and sweet grandma have their own business called luxury therapeutics.
they make these really adorable hot/cold therapy bags
i'm giving away one of their new products so stay tuned and make sure to join in.  click on the link above and go check out their facebook page, and be sure to like them!

so the reason i decided to blog was so i could write about anything i want.  well i hardly ever get serious on here but sometimes i feel like i need to.

so as all of you know (and if you don't then i assume you live under a rock) the debate was last night.
well what a coincidence that i happened to be watching the debate and reading cosmo at the same time, and came across this article in my magazine that is supposed to be about hair, 
makeup, and well sex... yes i said it

so... first of all i'm not usually one to rant about politics.  i will say this, i am a republican and i have christian beliefs and feel that the democratic side does not share my christian beliefs.
it was obvious in this article that team obama paid big bucks to have them 
print this in my "favorite" magazine.

this article had quotes from republicans only (no democrats)
and the little article on the side there... well that's a lovely piece about a girl who switched sides and is now supporting obama. hmm is cosmo on the democratic side... i think so!

the article and quotes stated are on a very touchy subject that i will not get into on here.  some of the quotes i definitely did not agree with and some of them i did, only
 because of my christian beliefs and values.  

on another note, i'm so sick and tired of seeing this kind of stuff, and seeing all of the political statuses on facebook last night made me want to delete my facebook entirely.  this world was alot better when i didn't know who was voting for who, and who believed in what!  all it does is cause tension between friends and family.  i've been there and it's not fun.

ok so back to my political rant.  i am so disgusted by cosmo magazine that i plan to no longer purchase it.  it is disappointing because i used to love getting my favorite magazine in the mail every month but i am not going to support a magazine that is supposed to be enjoyable to read if they are trying to push their political views on their readers.

some of you may agree with the article and that's fine, it's your opinion and you have every right to think what you want.  but like i said before i blog so i can say what i want.  and i felt that i needed to say this today. 

ok i'm done with my rant.
i hope everyone has an exciting hump day :-)
and don't forget to look for my giveaway!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! I totally agree about wanting to delete FB last night. I usually try to stay out of FB politics for fear of upsetting friends who disagree with me. (Although I couldn't help myself last night when the Libya topic came up.) I hate it when I see people posting nasty things when I know that they would never say such things to a person's face. Anyways, love your blog! I'm Heather and I'm over at

  2. im glad you have so shame in saying you are a republican and christian on your blog and that dems won't share the same worldview as you do. i am the same way. i don't understand how a christian can call themselves a democrat when the foundation of what dems believe is nothing like God's view.

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