Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Wife is Back...

What a wild and crazy week! Well I'm back a little hungover and a little sun burnt lol.  We got back from Cancun Saturday night but I have been so slammed the past couple of days I haven't been able to write to all of my loves :(

I'm linking up a day late for the weekend update, I hope you all don't mind (actually I don't really care if you don't mind, I'm gonna do it anyway) hehe...


So as most of you know I went to Cancun last week for our one year anniversary.  We had a blast! The first two days were not so great though and we actually almost came home.  It was literally raining so hard that you couldn't see in front of you.  Redic...

But we stuck it out and decided to stay and we were glad we did.  The sun came out and we met some great people and ended up having the time of our life!  We are already planning another trip next year to the same place.

So to update you I'm just gonna share some of our pics form the trip so I hope you enjoy!

My coconut drink ;-)

One of the regulars

New friend Allie

New friend Chad

Doin the wobble

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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