Thursday, October 11, 2012

totally face planted, but it's ok

is it bad that i'd rather blog than sit here and do work?
nah i didn't think so :-)

so i literally have had this screen open all day long but i am just now getting to sit down and write.
yeah it's been that kind of day.

it's been like this since i got home from mexico...

so with that said let's move on to "it's ok thursday"

it's ok... 

to read girlie magazines while drinking a glass of wine 

to be late to work because you wanted to sleep an extra 15 minutes
to use the perfume samples in magazines every once in a while. i know i'm not the only one that does this girls...
to use my husbands cologne when i'm out of my perfume, and when i used up all the samples in my magazines ;-)
to find out that mascara is made of bat poop, but not care because you seriously can't live without mascara... (i looked it up it's true!)
to wear your super high boots to work and accidentally face plant in the parking lot 
(i did it pretty gracefully though, knees first and then down to my hands, my co-worker said it looked like i was tebowing)
totally respect him for doing this by the way :-)

to drink red girlie drinks only because you like the name (sex on the beach)

to be completely in love with your pups and spoil them rotten 
aren't they just adorable?
we think so too :-)

i hope everyone has a wonderful tuesday... well what's left of it!


  1. I too love me some of those red fruity drinks with names you can't order around children ;)

    I also use the perfume in magazine samples. and I won't lie, I've used nick's cologne on occasion.

    Love you posts and it's definitely OK to trip...we all do :)

    Happy Thursday, and almost Friday!


  2. Bat poop?? What the??? Oh wellsies... My blonde lashes cannot live without it.

  3. Totally just saw that I put Tuesday at the end of my post haha yeah like I said its that kind of day

  4. OMG no. No. No no no. It's made out of bat poop. OMG that is so gross. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that. And mascara is my FAVORITE. New follower btw :)

    1. Yeah I know so disgusting! Oh well :) thanks for following!!



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