Friday, November 30, 2012

be thankful, everyday

well we made it through another week, and also another month.  i can't believe this year is already coming to a close.  crazyiness!
so since i didn't really get into the 30 days of thanks thing on facebook this year, i thought i would just do a post about it on here.  i personally think that we need to be thankful, not just in november, but everyday of the year.

some of these may be a little silly lol

30 things to be thankful for

1. i am thankful for God's love everyday!
2. for my salvation
3. for forgiveness
4. my husband
5. my mother and father (i wouldn't be who i am today without them)
6. my grandmother (so blessed to have the relationship that i have with her)
7. my family
8. my job
9. my two furbabies
10. julia martin (the one person i can tell anything to)
11. my friends
12. coffee
13. diet coke lol
14. red wine (definitely)
15. pasta (seriously couldn't live without it)
16. my car (might not be the best but it gets me from a to b)
17. our little house
18. tiffani tallent (couldn't get through a day at work without her)
19. modern technology (so much easier to keep in touch with friends and family far away)
20. my health
21. my blog
22. all of the lovely ladies i've met through blogging
23. pinterest lol
24. today, tissues (caught a cold from running outside the other night, yuck)
25. heat!!!! (it's so dang cold outside)
26. sleepy time tea (best stuff in the world y'all)
27. christmas music
28. chocolate (a must have)
29. pictures (love being able to capture memories)
30. last but not least, i am thankful for the many blessings i have in life.  everything i mentioned above wouldn't be possible without my number 1... God!  he is the reason to be thankful.  he has truly blessed my family and i, and today and everyday i give thanks to him!

happy friday to all my loves.  have a wonderful/ thankful/ blessed weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

an "ok" thursday

hey guys! happy thursday.
i'm linking up with amber today for another dose of it's ok thursday!

if you haven't done so, go check out her blog!

it's ok get so ticked off when you're in your car trying to listen to your favorite song and the person in your passenger seat won't shut up!! (gets on my dang nerves y'all)

...that i accidentally overflowed our hot tub earlier because i forgot that i had left the hose on when i was finishing filling it up. oops! have a closet full of clothes and still not find anything to wear (happens everyday) be a little creeped out that december 21st is quickly approaching (i know nothing will happen, but it still scares the crap outa me)

...that i haven't gotten any of my christmas shopping done yet. hear about lindsey lohan getting arrested again and not be surprised a bit! i mean come on really?!? when will she learn??

...that i baked some cookies last night and tried to eat one today and about broke a dang tooth!  (not my best batch)

...that i brought the "hard as a rock" cookies to work hoping to get rid of them.

...well actually it's not ok that after my little stomach bug episode last week i can no longer drink my favorite coffee creamer, pumpkin spice :(
sad day y'all!

have a good day loves!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

random schmandom

good wednesday morning to all my lovely readers out there.
i hope you all are as happy as i am that the week is half way over!
so i've been doing the same ol linky parties for quite some time now and i think it's time to change it up a bit, so today i'm linking up with shanna over at "because shanna said so".  go check out her adorable blog, you won't be dissapointed :-)

so let's see just how "random" we can get...

1. ok so we all have our guilty pleasures, and mine just so happens to be teen mom 2.  my husband refuses to watch it because he swears up and down it makes him dumber to sit through an episode, so i have to to use the wonderful tivo and watch it on my own time. boo :(

so anyway did any of you watch this past episode, you know the one where janelle would rather go see kesha and stay on probation, rather than go to jail for a shortened stay of only 16 days.

if you missed this hilarious episode let me just recap ya

hot lawyer guy: ok janelle, your probation officer settled on a 16 day stay in jail on these dates.
janelle: oh see that's a problem because i have tickets to a kesha concert and i really have to go. like, seriously i can't miss this concert she's my idol. Can you just tell my probation officer i have to go to a kesha concert?
hot lawyer guy: um... i'm not telling your probation officer about a kesha concert...
janelle: but see like, i really have to go! she is my idol, like i worship her... that's why i have these feathers in my hair.

hey janelle... you are dumb! rant over.

2. so i'm not a huge fan of pink's music, however her new song, try, is the shiznit!

3. i'm super stoked about going to see the trans siberian orchestra this weekend, i feel like an old person lol.

4. i'm obsessed with my new purple pants i bought a few weeks ago at jcrew, and i wear them at least twice a week.  don't judge.

5. the new show catfish is super creepy, have any of you watched it??

5. i did not wash my hair this morning and surprisingly it still looks decent.  yay, go me!

6. i'm actually a huge bieber fan, and i would love to have his new cd on my iphone, but my husband is refusing to download justin beiber

well folks that's all for my randomness.  have a wonderful, happy hump day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i'm so bored i'm facebook stalking myself

so yesterday at work after i had done all there was to do, and googled everything there was to google, i decided to do some facebook stalking.

have you ever been so bored that you started facebook stalking yourself?
when you simply go to your page and start looking through every picture you have ever taken since about 2005...

well i figured i would share some of these wonderful memories with you all today.

and what better way to display these than to put them in categories.

so let's start with the famous "drink" pics.
you know the ones where you're at the bar and say "hey let's take a picture of our drinks".
Because everyone wants to see a picture of your drink.  or maybe they are just for the day after so when you're wondering why you feel the way you do, you can just go back and look at the culprit... 

here we have the famous "shot" picture.
i guess so you can show everyone how brave you are

and then we have the "coconut drink" pics.
everyone does this, because it's just so rare to have a drink in a coconut, and i don't know about you, but it just makes me plain happy to drink out of a coconut :-)

"omg, hey take a picture of me drinking out of my coconut"

"i feel so official, like i'm part of the island tribe"

moving on...
now let's take a look at this category
the kissy/ gangster face/ peace sign pics

i'll let the pictures do the explaining

and then there's the stick your tongue out/ open mouth/ look surprised pics... these are embarrassing 

and last but not least... the "what the hell were we doing/ thinking" pics

"hey look at us, we look cute, let's get a picture"

 "let's all get in really stupid poses and get a picture, this will be so funny"

"wait get a picture of me with my vodka bottle"

"omg i have to have a picture of me wearing this. it will get so many likes on facebook"
(news flash, it got 0 likes)

"hey, i'm gonna pretend like i fell and you get a picture, it will be so freakin funny"

i bet you all are gonna go look through your facebook pics now aren't you?
haha :-)

Monday, November 26, 2012

a sicky thanksgiving

look at this thanksgiving meal.
doesn't it look delish?

this girl had the damn stomach bug on thanksgiving.  the one day of the year where you can eat anything you want and nobody is going to say a word, i get to indulge in this wonderful meal.

who gets the stomach bug on thanksgiving? really?!?

anyway thank goodness it only lasted a day!
and thanks to the best nurse in the world, my sweet grandma, i got over it quickly :-)

so you can see how my trip started out.

i woke up friday morning feeling like a human again, so we headed out on a gambling boat for 5 hours... not a good idea.

here i am thinking "yeah i can do this it won't be that bad.  the water is calm today and the boat is huge!" ha um i spent the whole trip on the very top deck trying not to get sick again.

we did get some great pics though

after we got back on solid ground and i felt a little better it was time for our family picture.

we had to take about ten of these just to get everyone looking at the camera, and as you can see grandma got distracted lol.

this family has a great time when we all get together, and despite the tummy bug and a horrible boat ride the vacation actually turned out to be a fun time!
i hated to say goodbye.
after i got home and unpacked i decided to get in the christmas spirit and put up the tree.
the hubby let me buy some leopard print ribbon (i'm shocked) and it turned out so cute!

check out our wreath!

so anyway there ya have it.  my crazy family/turkeyday/sicky week!

i hope everyone else had a blessed thanksgiving :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

turkey day vacay!

well guys i'm outa here for a few days.
i'm heading to this place

we're having a family reunion/get together for turkey day!
20 of us crazy relatives are gettin together for a grand ol time.

i'll be back monday, don't miss me too much!

oh and everyone be sure to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow.  my little bro matthew is marching with his high school band!!!
how cool is that??
so everyone look for oak ridge high school war eagle band from conroe, texas!

anyway i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i'm bored so let's look up funny sh*t

after 2 pounds of thanksgiving food at work today i really don't feel like doing darn thing.

so let's be funny shall we?

for julia

happy tuesday!

Monday, November 19, 2012

what did i do this weekend?

it's monday, which means it's time for another... drum roll please
weekend update!!!!

my weekend was absolutely amazing!
friday we had an art show for the kiddos at work.  it was so cute to see all the kids so excited about their work.  one thing i love about my job is doing things with the kids in the community.  it's so rewarding.

saturday was a date day for the hubs and i.
we ventured over to ashevegas for the day to see the biltmore house.

if you have never been, you need to go! this place is gorgeous, especially at christmas.

after we toured the house we went to our favorite place, the winery.  they have free wine tastings and i always make sure to take advantage of that.
2 hours and 3 bottles of wine later we were heading back home.

sunday we got a taste of parenthood and babysat our two beautiful little nieces, harmony and london.
my poor husband had to keep them by himself for a couple of hours while i went to cheer practice.
and yes you read that right... i said cheer practice.
i'm cheering in the alumni game at my old high school in a few weeks.
i went to my first practice since 2004 and i definitely don't have the moves like i used to.

this is me (bottom left, bangs and all)  and my cheer buds back in the day.  freshman year of high school. yeahhh buddy!

don't you just love taking a trip down memory lane?

well loves that's it for my adventurous weekend.  i hope you all have a fabulous monday.

Friday, November 16, 2012

keep calm and pray

i cannot even begin to tell you how sorry i am for not being on top of my blog recently.
things have been so crazy at work and i just haven't had the time.
i seriously don't know what is wrong with me lately.  i could literally cry at the drop of a hat.
i've been beyond emotional and i can't seem to get myself out of this slump.

if you know me, you know that i am a worrier... big time!
i worry about everything, and i try to tell myself otherwise but for some reason i have a hard time listening to my inner self.

a good friend of mine went on an incredible journey this past weekend, and i can't help but feel a little jealous of her.  even though jealousy is not a good thing, i still can't help but wish i had experienced what she had.  i don't feel like i'm living the way i should be, and i definitely haven't taken the time to sit down with God and simply just "talk" to him.

i feel like i have alot of apologizing to do to him.  we went to church on sunday for what feels like the first time in ages, and the whole time i couldn't just sit there and listen.  i kept feeling out of place, and so far from God.  i walked out crying because i was disappointed in myself.
i feel like i have gotten so far away from my father that i can't seem to find a way to get close to him again.

but the cool thing is that even though you feel so far away from God, he is still so close to you.  sometimes i feel so ashamed to even pray because i'm ashamed in myself and think, how in the world could someone like him still love me so much?
but he does.  i just need to get back in the swing of things and start focusing on my relationship with God instead of all of the little silly things that i keep worrying about.

i just wanna ask all of you lovely ladies if you would say a prayer for me?
i just need to get out of this slump that i'm in.

love you all!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

needing a little pinspiration today

today's post is gonna be a little boring. sorry guys :(

it's been so crazy at work the past few days, and i need a little inspiration... or "pinspiration" if we wanna get creative.

so i'm linking up with michelle again for another episode of ohp.
sorry it isn't much.


 see i told ya it wasn't much :-)
but i at least hope it gave you a little "pinspiration" as well.


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