Monday, November 26, 2012

a sicky thanksgiving

look at this thanksgiving meal.
doesn't it look delish?

this girl had the damn stomach bug on thanksgiving.  the one day of the year where you can eat anything you want and nobody is going to say a word, i get to indulge in this wonderful meal.

who gets the stomach bug on thanksgiving? really?!?

anyway thank goodness it only lasted a day!
and thanks to the best nurse in the world, my sweet grandma, i got over it quickly :-)

so you can see how my trip started out.

i woke up friday morning feeling like a human again, so we headed out on a gambling boat for 5 hours... not a good idea.

here i am thinking "yeah i can do this it won't be that bad.  the water is calm today and the boat is huge!" ha um i spent the whole trip on the very top deck trying not to get sick again.

we did get some great pics though

after we got back on solid ground and i felt a little better it was time for our family picture.

we had to take about ten of these just to get everyone looking at the camera, and as you can see grandma got distracted lol.

this family has a great time when we all get together, and despite the tummy bug and a horrible boat ride the vacation actually turned out to be a fun time!
i hated to say goodbye.
after i got home and unpacked i decided to get in the christmas spirit and put up the tree.
the hubby let me buy some leopard print ribbon (i'm shocked) and it turned out so cute!

check out our wreath!

so anyway there ya have it.  my crazy family/turkeyday/sicky week!

i hope everyone else had a blessed thanksgiving :-)


  1. Hey, Hey! Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for an award, you can check it out here!

  2. You are a trooper for getting on that boat! That stinks that you were sick on thanksgiving :( hope you are better!
    xo Dana



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