Thursday, November 1, 2012

beards, beards everywhere

 well hellooooo hangover
martinis and wine do not mix... i repeat, martinis and wine do not mix!!!

see this little guy right here... yeah not my best friend today.

so by now i guess you can see how my halloween went.  
a splash of cranberry, one lime wedge, and a couple shots later i looked like this girl...

that would be me my freshman year of college.  i thought i was still in high school apparently, because this was at a prom party... don't judge me :-)

so anyway
i hope you all had a fabulous halloween. 
now it's november and we all know what that means don't we?
all of my favorite holidays combined into two months.
thanksgiving, my birthday (yes it's a holiday), christmas and new years eve!!!
and november also means you will be seeing alot of these...

this little activity started out as a great cause.  for those of you who don't know, "no-shave" november was a charity event to help raise awareness of prostate and other male cancers.  men would go without shaving for a whole month and the goal was to change the face of men's health.
for those of you who actually do it for that cause, good for you.
some however do it to be funny, and some decide to partake in this no-shaving activity for more than just a month.

let's take brad pitt for example, who has been participating in no shave november for what seems like all of 2012...

remember this hot man?? yeah that was brad pitt in his "look at me i'm hot" days.

and then he says to angelina, "honey i think i'm gonna grow out my hair and just not care about myself anymore"
and this is what you get
drum roll please...

really brad?? i mean come on the least you could have done is brush your damn hair!!!

so then he see's that ol' angelina is ok with this new look and says "hmm you know what, i'm gonna take it one step further and go with the hippie look"
and that's how we got to this...
so go ahead and participate in your little "no-shave" party
and please ladies, men only...

happy november everyone!


  1. I still love more than anything that you celebrated prom with me.

  2. He really got
    So ugly!! Haha I'm laughing at your "belt" in that photo. I had several like that too LOL. I do NOT want to experience a hangover like that so ill be sure not to mix wine and martinis

  3. I guess he's letting himself go since he's watching all his kids all the time lol. PS I wore "belts" just like that in hs and early college too!

  4. ohh brad- why are you letting you're pretty self go?? love all these old pics on the blogs. amazing!

    Helene in Between

  5. I love that picture of you celebrating prom! I dont think i could ever take part in no shave November! i would feel so gross!!!




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