Friday, November 2, 2012

cma faves

happy friday loves!
today i'm linking up for friday favorites
and what better way to celebrate than to show you all of my favorite moments at the cma awards last night.

i'm sure all of you watched them, and if not i'll be a little disappointed in you ;-)
juuuust kidding.

so anyway my favorite funny moment from last night would have to be when carrie and brad decided to bust out the moves a bit and do the gangnam style dance.  too freakin funny!

i love carrie underwood, but i have to admit i was a little disappointed in her performance last night.  i didn't think it was that great, but we still love her.  everyone makes mistakes right??

my favorite performance last night would have to be miss kelly clarkson and vince gill!
they rocked the stage and kelly never missed a beat!

and may i add that i think her dress was absolutely adorable?!?
and vince gill still sounds great after all these years!

favorite sexy man of the night, luke bryan!!!!

least favorites...

ok does anybody else think that faith hill looks terrible?  she needs to gain some weight!

and i'm sure all of you know by now that i am not a huge taylor swift fan.  i do have to admit that she does seem like a sweetheart and she does seem to be a good role model to the youngins, but i just don't care for her music.

so i think we all have to admit that our all time favorite of favorites from last night would have to be this moment...

so stinkin cute! i love these two :-)
congrats to miranda and blake.  i think they def deserved it! 

well guys it's friday and only 7 1/2 hours left of my work week!
happy weekend!!!


  1. I LOVED Blake & Miranda last night. Love, Love, Love them!! They are so sweet to each other. I *also* think that Faith needs to eat a cheeseburger, or 2!

  2. Love all your CMA pics! (I didn't get to see it so this is much appreciated!!) carrie underwood is just too gorg. Found you through the Friday Faves!
    Helene in Between

  3. I love Blake and Miranda! She's my bff..she just doesn't know it yet...creepy? haha! Great blog...I LOL'ed, LITERALY at your Halloween post!

  4. I'm not a big fan of Taylor Swift either... her songs are catchy, but they never stick. They're fast music, like there's fast fashion. I didn't watch the CMA's, I'm not sure they were even on here in Belgium, but I must have missed something big when Miranda Lambert and Blak got their awards because everyone is talking about it today!

    Hope you'll have a great weekend!

    xo Nikki

  5. Omgeee I loved when Carrie and Brad busted out Gangnam Style! Highlight of the night! Love me some Carrie! Happy Friday lady! xo

  6. Miranda and Black are the new country power couple! Love them!! And poor Faith needs her a couple cheeseburgers and a new makeup artist!

    Found ya via Friday Faves!


  7. bLAKE AND MIRANDA HAVE BEEN MY FAVORITE FOR A WHILE, LOVE THEM! Also if you are intrested in co-hosting the linkup please email me! thanks a ton!

  8. I love your recap! I loved Carrie's dresses, thought Faith looked weird, can't get enough of Blake (he's so funny) and Miranda, and LB is always great (we see him around town a lot and he's friendly!) Cute blog!



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