Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i'm so bored i'm facebook stalking myself

so yesterday at work after i had done all there was to do, and googled everything there was to google, i decided to do some facebook stalking.

have you ever been so bored that you started facebook stalking yourself?
when you simply go to your page and start looking through every picture you have ever taken since about 2005...

well i figured i would share some of these wonderful memories with you all today.

and what better way to display these than to put them in categories.

so let's start with the famous "drink" pics.
you know the ones where you're at the bar and say "hey let's take a picture of our drinks".
Because everyone wants to see a picture of your drink.  or maybe they are just for the day after so when you're wondering why you feel the way you do, you can just go back and look at the culprit... 

here we have the famous "shot" picture.
i guess so you can show everyone how brave you are

and then we have the "coconut drink" pics.
everyone does this, because it's just so rare to have a drink in a coconut, and i don't know about you, but it just makes me plain happy to drink out of a coconut :-)

"omg, hey take a picture of me drinking out of my coconut"

"i feel so official, like i'm part of the island tribe"

moving on...
now let's take a look at this category
the kissy/ gangster face/ peace sign pics

i'll let the pictures do the explaining

and then there's the stick your tongue out/ open mouth/ look surprised pics... these are embarrassing 

and last but not least... the "what the hell were we doing/ thinking" pics

"hey look at us, we look cute, let's get a picture"

 "let's all get in really stupid poses and get a picture, this will be so funny"

"wait get a picture of me with my vodka bottle"

"omg i have to have a picture of me wearing this. it will get so many likes on facebook"
(news flash, it got 0 likes)

"hey, i'm gonna pretend like i fell and you get a picture, it will be so freakin funny"

i bet you all are gonna go look through your facebook pics now aren't you?
haha :-)


  1. hahahahahahahaha cannot. stop. laughing.

  2. LOL love reminiscing the good old days via fb photos!!! funny funny stuff :)

  3. bahahaha best. title. ever. and i so do that too!



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