Wednesday, November 28, 2012

random schmandom

good wednesday morning to all my lovely readers out there.
i hope you all are as happy as i am that the week is half way over!
so i've been doing the same ol linky parties for quite some time now and i think it's time to change it up a bit, so today i'm linking up with shanna over at "because shanna said so".  go check out her adorable blog, you won't be dissapointed :-)

so let's see just how "random" we can get...

1. ok so we all have our guilty pleasures, and mine just so happens to be teen mom 2.  my husband refuses to watch it because he swears up and down it makes him dumber to sit through an episode, so i have to to use the wonderful tivo and watch it on my own time. boo :(

so anyway did any of you watch this past episode, you know the one where janelle would rather go see kesha and stay on probation, rather than go to jail for a shortened stay of only 16 days.

if you missed this hilarious episode let me just recap ya

hot lawyer guy: ok janelle, your probation officer settled on a 16 day stay in jail on these dates.
janelle: oh see that's a problem because i have tickets to a kesha concert and i really have to go. like, seriously i can't miss this concert she's my idol. Can you just tell my probation officer i have to go to a kesha concert?
hot lawyer guy: um... i'm not telling your probation officer about a kesha concert...
janelle: but see like, i really have to go! she is my idol, like i worship her... that's why i have these feathers in my hair.

hey janelle... you are dumb! rant over.

2. so i'm not a huge fan of pink's music, however her new song, try, is the shiznit!

3. i'm super stoked about going to see the trans siberian orchestra this weekend, i feel like an old person lol.

4. i'm obsessed with my new purple pants i bought a few weeks ago at jcrew, and i wear them at least twice a week.  don't judge.

5. the new show catfish is super creepy, have any of you watched it??

5. i did not wash my hair this morning and surprisingly it still looks decent.  yay, go me!

6. i'm actually a huge bieber fan, and i would love to have his new cd on my iphone, but my husband is refusing to download justin beiber

well folks that's all for my randomness.  have a wonderful, happy hump day!


  1. Teen Mom 2 is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine too!! I've been watching them from the beginning. Catfish is definitely a creepy show but it may or may not be another guilty pleasure lol Have a good day!

  2. I was literally killing myself laughing over that exchange between Jenelle and her lawyer. She has zero mooring in real life. No concept of reality. None.

    WTF with all the girls on Teen Mom 2, they all send me into a rage. But I can't stop.

    Found you through Shanna's linkup.

  3. I love this!

    I didn't wash my hair this morning since I got it cut and colored last night and I just don't like it! haha I can't stand not washing it for one day and I know that's crazy!

  4. I am the exact same way with Teen Mom. I can't watch it when the hubs is around becuase he makes fun of it the whole time. Admittedly, there is a lot to make fun of, but I can't even hear the tv with all his jokes. Glad to know I'm not the only one with this guilty pleasure!

  5. I am so happy you linked up today!! Thank you!! And I LOVE P!NK. You really should give her whole album a shot! It's amazing!!!! Love 90% of the songs on there!

  6. we couldn't get anymore alike!!

    1. WAY JEAL of: "3. i'm super stoked about going to see the trans siberian orchestra this weekend, i feel like an old person lol." I can't believe they are playing! i SOOO need to look into this.

    2. LOVE the BIEBS. my husband refuses to listen to him as well. or let me download. i have to fake download his music.

    3. couldnt agree more on the pink statement!

  7. Umm, let's see.

    I watch Teen Mom. It's actually the only reality show I watch. I guess to make myself feel better? I'm not sure. Regardless, you're right. Janelle is dumb.

    And I wanted to watch Catfish. I saw commercials for it. I have to set the dvr to catch up on it!

    And I love Pink. She's badass. Ha. I've always liked her though.

    And Justin Beiber? Lurvvveeeeeee. In a totally non-creepy adult crush on a 19 year old. Ha.

  8. Jenelle cracked me up. Seriouslyyyy??? Sister would rather go see trashy Kesha then get her sentence over with? She gives us NC girls a bad rap.
    And if you can talk hubby into leopard print ribbon.. I have high hopes for J. Biebs. Keep working on him!
    Love you sister!



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