Wednesday, November 21, 2012

turkey day vacay!

well guys i'm outa here for a few days.
i'm heading to this place

we're having a family reunion/get together for turkey day!
20 of us crazy relatives are gettin together for a grand ol time.

i'll be back monday, don't miss me too much!

oh and everyone be sure to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow.  my little bro matthew is marching with his high school band!!!
how cool is that??
so everyone look for oak ridge high school war eagle band from conroe, texas!

anyway i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you enjoy your reunion!!!

  2. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. So jealous of your trip!! That place looks amazing. Be sure to take lots of pictures and happy Thanksgiving! :)

  4. i am so sorry you were sick!! but at least you were in a beautiful place!
    Helene in Between



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