Monday, November 19, 2012

what did i do this weekend?

it's monday, which means it's time for another... drum roll please
weekend update!!!!

my weekend was absolutely amazing!
friday we had an art show for the kiddos at work.  it was so cute to see all the kids so excited about their work.  one thing i love about my job is doing things with the kids in the community.  it's so rewarding.

saturday was a date day for the hubs and i.
we ventured over to ashevegas for the day to see the biltmore house.

if you have never been, you need to go! this place is gorgeous, especially at christmas.

after we toured the house we went to our favorite place, the winery.  they have free wine tastings and i always make sure to take advantage of that.
2 hours and 3 bottles of wine later we were heading back home.

sunday we got a taste of parenthood and babysat our two beautiful little nieces, harmony and london.
my poor husband had to keep them by himself for a couple of hours while i went to cheer practice.
and yes you read that right... i said cheer practice.
i'm cheering in the alumni game at my old high school in a few weeks.
i went to my first practice since 2004 and i definitely don't have the moves like i used to.

this is me (bottom left, bangs and all)  and my cheer buds back in the day.  freshman year of high school. yeahhh buddy!

don't you just love taking a trip down memory lane?

well loves that's it for my adventurous weekend.  i hope you all have a fabulous monday.


  1. I loved your poofy bangs back in the day haha. What a flashback!!! And I may need to borrow that leopard shirt... and I also may need to get my belt back from you as well ;) haha

    1. Haha I've enjoyed your belt sister. Where did you get it because I need one :-)

  2. i LOVE the biltmore - so fun!! :)
    p.s. check out my latest giveaway - last day to enter!

  3. ou look so cute and that house is gorgeous i have never beenthere! Cheer practice sounds like fun!!



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