Wednesday, December 5, 2012

flyin high and a vs fashion show recap

so i'm not sure if i told y'all or not, but i'm cheering in my high school's alumni game this saturday.  am i crazy? well maybe a little lol.

well it's been 8 years since i let someone throw me up in the air, and last night i got to relive some old memories.

do i look terrified?? because i was.

so did anyone watch the vs fashion show last night??
i'm not sure why, but i love to watch it every year!
maybe so i can say "oooo i want that" or "man i wish i could look that good".

seriously watching this show gives me some motivation to get my butt back in the gym.
check out some of my favorite moments from last night...

all pics via cbsnews
i think justin bieber rocked the show last night.  you gotta admit that boy has some tallent!
rihanna didn't do so bad either, and i love her new song!

so now i'm gonna go spend some money on the ol vickies secret credit card, and go bust my butt at the gym tonight.  maybe next year you'll see me walking down that stage... ha

till next time peeps


  1. thats awesome that they have the cheerleaders back to the alumni games! So fun!
    and yes, the VS fashion show makes me want to hit the gym too!

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