Monday, December 10, 2012

it's my birthday!!!!

happy monday to all my wonderful followers.
and a happy birthday to yours truly :-)

that's right it's my birthday, what what?!?

my sweet friend heather had this beautiful cake made for me today.  it was delish!

so i'm linking up with sami for another weekend update!


oh what a crazy crazy weekend
of course i started the weekend off right with a little red wine

saturday i cheered in our alumni football game.  it was so much fun!  thankfully i didn't fall, and our team won 26-0!! 

after the game it was time for a birthday celebration!

ya'll this party we went to was complete with open bar and all!  this girl rocked sex on the beach all night (um the drink of course)... and my bestie julia and i shared a bottle of champagne :-)

...and then i played drunkie dress up.

and then we found us a ride home and watched cartoons! talk about a pimped out ride yall...

sunday was a day for recovery and snuggling with my furbabies :-)

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Love your cake, that is so stinkin cute! Looks like a great weekend :)

  2. Happy birthday!!! :) That cake is amazing!

  3. happy birthday!! was the bow on the cake fondant??it's amazing!

    sounds like a great celebration :)

  4. Looks like you've been having fun! The cake looks amazing!

    Happy belated Birthday, friend!

  5. happy birthday!! that cake is too cool! and love the cartoons, haha!

  6. talk about a cute bday cake!! happy belated, ahh drunkout outfits :)
    come say hi,

  7. I guess you forgot about the delicious lunch date your precious co-worker friend took you out on! :)



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