Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the missing uggs fund

so a few years ago i used to sport these babies right here

my gorgeous camel color tall ugg boots.  i purchased these with my hard earned money in college, back when these things were the shit!

i wore them all the damn time.  well i moved to the atl about 3 years ago (and yes i still sported the uggs) and i came home from work one day excited to put my favorite boots on and relax when i suddenly realized...


yup my fav pair of boots in the whole wide world were missing.  i can only guess that one of my roomie's snobby girlfriends went into my room and took them.  bitch!

well it took everything i had not to post a "missing uggs" sign on every stop sign and light post in town... seriously.

and by the way whoever that bitch was also stole my coach purse, my dolce and gabanna purse, and every one of my ralph lauren polos.

i swear if i knew who it was i would have driven to their house and smacked them upside the head a few dozen times!

so anyway i've desperately wanted a new pair ever since mine went mia, however my husband hates the things, so if i'm gonna buy them, i'm on my own... which is difficult considering my husband and i share a bank account.

well this morning i had an "ah hah" moment when i was visiting the victoria's secret website trying to decide how to spend my $20 dollar vs reward cards.

i saw this little advertisement

see the bottom of that ad where it says shoes??

oh i got excited.

let's see here $195 - 20% is $156
ok getting a little more excited...
$156 - the $20 rewards i have is omg, omg $136!!!
oh and add the $40 i got for my birthday which comes to holy shit!!! $96 y'all!!!
by this time i'm doing myself a little happy dance in my office.

so as i said before my husband and i share the same bank account, whats mine is his and so on...
so being the good wifey that i am i sent this to him this morning...

"so before you say no, just hear me out.  i know you don't like them, but i desperately want a new pair of those uggs i had stolen from me... well with my rewards cards, and today only they are 20% off, plus free shipping and the $40 dollars of birthday money that i have, they would be $100 off!!! do you think i could use my credit card to get a pair?? pretty please, it's like the only thing i want!!"

i have yet to get a response... but don't worry i will update ya.

until then please feel free to donate to the missing uggs fund.


  1. It's not funny that your shoes were stolen, but this post is hilarious! :) Hope the hubs you the okay. Next time ask for forgiveness instead of permission though! ha

  2. I agree, totally not funny your Uggs were stolen, but this post had me laughing. I can picture this same conversation with my boyfriend. What is it with boys hating on Uggs?! Clearly they don't understand how comfortable/warm they are. They just don't get it! Hope you get a good response :)

  3. Someone stole all your stuff?! That's horrible! I sure hope he okayed the purchase!

  4. OMG that would suck even though we arent really in great style i always buy a new pair of uggs every year! i mean comeone they may not be the cutest things but they are so dang comfyy!! how can u say no!

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