Thursday, January 31, 2013

baby morpher

anyone else feel like we are in another baby boom? everybody and their mother's are preggers these days.

when i'm bored i like to go to and play with the little tool called the baby morpher.  if you haven't tried it, you are missing out!

let's have some fun with this...

kim kardashian and kanye west


justin beiber and saleena gomez



taylor swift and harry styles



the hubs and i



i hope that gave you all a good laugh :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i make it rain

linking up for ohp with michelle.


i wish mother nature would make up her damn mind.  friday everything was covered in ice, monday i was wearing a t-shirt and today it's raining sideways, and not to mention we are under a tornado watch... and get this, it's supposed to snow tonight...

i swear the bitch has more issues than lindsey lohan.

anyway moving on, since it's pouring the rain outside i thought i would pin some cute rainy day stuff.

so let's start pinning!

if you're in the south i suggest you buy a boat, some liquor, and an umbrella.
happy hump day!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

take it back tuesday

it's time for another take it back tuesday post!
i always get so excited about these.  i apologize for posting at 4:45.  i've been busy today...

so if you're not familiar with t.i.b.t. let me explain.
julia, ady and i have teamed up for this fun new link up where we take it back and talk about fun things from our past. 

here's what you do.
grab our button


write a post about your past
visit my co-hosts julia and ady
meet new friends.

 since reality tv is the big thing now a days i'm gonna take it back to when reality tv was more than just the kardashians and teenagers getting preggers.

let's re-visit some of my favorite all time reality tv shows.

rock of love with brett michaels

if y'all thought the bitches on the bachelor were cray cray, think again.  those girls have nothing on the famous rock of love girls.

these girls had some serious drama and none of them were trashy... ahem ahem sarcasm...


i have every season and still watch it.
i secretly wish these two were still together.

laguna beach

ohh i loved me some california drama.
lc and lo were my faves!

room raiders

y'all remember this show??  loved it!!

tell us about your past.  link up below :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

oh i'm so icy

linking up with sami for the weekend update!

ok so i've determined that i'm getting old as sh*t
my weekends used to consist of going out and partying my ass off until 3 am and now i'm in bed by 10 on a saturday night.  sad.

so we woke up friday morning to everything covered in a layer of ice.  

and icy roads means this girl gets off of work early.  so the hubs and i were doing this at 3 pm friday afternoon.

a few glasses of wine and big cozy blankets and some good movies = one happy girl!

saturday i went to a birthday party for a sweet little girl.  it was her first birthday and she was so stinkin cute!

and guess what i did saturday night... absolutely nothing! 

sunday i took a friend of mine wedding dress shopping.  we had a blast, and ended up finding the dress!  i also did a little shopping for myself and scored an awesome deal on these babies.

and sunday i ended the weekend snuggling with my sweet little zoe.

i just love her!

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Friday, January 25, 2013

i coulda stayed home today

... but instead i'm here at work while everyone else is warm in their cozy beds.  if you haven't watched the weather today let me just fill you in.  here in the south, this stuff called ice is falling from the sky and causing everything to be one solid sheet of frozeness... even the roads.  but thanks to my wonderful hubby i made it safely into work today to do absolutely nothing.

this was my reaction when i walked outside and almost busted my ass on the frozen patio this morning...

and this was my reaction when the hubster said "honey don't worry i can drive you to work" secretly i was wishing i could have a stay at home day...

when i pulled into work this is how i felt... gross!

but then the boss bought me breakfast so my morning got a little brighter...

so now i'm just contemplating what i'm going to do all day...

i could stalk people on facebook... 

drink another cup of coffee...

or just sit here and be bored...

i hope everyone has a great friday, and seriously if you are in the south stay home!!! and be safe!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

if i were a boy...

no i'm not gonna pull a beyonce on you.  but i am gonna link up with erin over at living in yellow.

if i were a boy...

i would put down the damn toilet seat.
i would sleep in longer because i wouldn't have to put on makeup or fix my hair.
i would drink as much beer as i wanted to. 

i would be the romantic type and send flowers to my girl every chance i got!

i would own two pairs of shoes because come on who really notices guys shoes.
i would pee outside all the time!
 i would throw man parties.
i would use the stupidest pickup lines in the book.

i would own a suit.  men always look hot in a suit!
 i would rock the jersey shore look at all the clubs.

 and last but not least i would always respect the ladies!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

take it back tuesday

don't you just love a good flashback? i know i do.
ady, julia, and i have started a new trend we like to call, take it back tuesday.
where we reminisce on all the good ol' times.

wanna join in on the fun?

all ya gotta do is write a post about your past (anything that reminds you of the good ol' days)
grab our button.
visit my co-hosts ady and julia
meet new friends!

sound like fun?
join us!


so in my post yesterday i wrote about wishing i was still in college sometimes.  i miss being able to party like a rockstar and still make it to class on time late.

let's take it back to around 2006 and 2007. back when i joined a sorority...

awe see don't we look cute in our matching shirts and pearls??  well these were our sober moments.

these are the memories i look back on and say "awe that was such a sweet time"

well these are the memories i look back on and say "wtf?!? wow i was wasty pants"

and then there was the time when we decided to take a random spring break trip to panama city.
when i say random i mean we decided to go the night before we left.  we were young and had no responsibilities...

and we met some hot army guys along the way...

don't ask why they are half naked.  i don't remember lol

oh hey! i'm drunkie!

and then the day after...

i tried to keep it classy by wearing the sorority girl pearls. ha!

oh the college days.  i miss them!
i miss going out on thirsty thursday, and making random wal mat and mcdonalds trips at 2 am.  those truly were the good ol' days.  now you're lucky to see me out after midnight.

tell us about your old memories.
linkup below.


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