Monday, January 14, 2013

and another weekend bites the dust

as i sit here jamming out to vanilla ice at my desk, i can't help but wonder if anyone else jams out to cheesy 90s hip hop at 10 am.

is it just me? haha

so anyway did anybody else's weekend go by way too fast? mine did.  i feel like one minutes it's 5pm on friday and i'm leaving work happy and stressfree, and 2 seconds later my alarm is going off at 6 am on monday morning.

oh and btw now i'm listening to jump around by house of pain.  do you think it would be unprofessional if i got up and booty dropped it on my desk?

so anyway moving on to my wonderful weekend.  i'm linking up with sami for another weekend update.

i quickly found out i am not a fan of attending swim meets.  we went to my sister's swim meet on saturday and spent a whole 3 hours sitting in a humid, chlorine filled indoor pool room just to see my sis swim for all of 3 minutes.  she did great though.  she won both of her heats which is awesome.  i am so proud of her.  

but next time i'm definitely wearing my hair curly, and probably attending in a bathing suit myself.  i might just show up in my cutest bikini, sunglasses, tanning oil and lounge chair.

saturday night my friend nichole and i went out for sushi and drinks.
i rocked my new yellow skinny jeans with a gray and white striped shirt.  love my new skinnies, i found them at plato's closet for 20 bucks... they are seven for all mankind!!

after a few too many plumberry champagnes (sounds delicious right? they were), we got a little drunkified and decided to take pics of each other taking pics of each other... sounds confusing i know, but we were also too many drinks in to even know our names haha.

for some reason we thought this was hilarious.  sorry if your instagrams were blowing up from our randomness.

so anyway what did we learn from my weekend adventures? wear hair curly to a swim meet, and don't indulge in too many plumberry thingies! 

how was your weekend?


  1. Those are some super cute yellow skinnies!

  2. Plumberry champagne? I need to have a few of those!!

  3. i love this post!! seriously swim meets were MY FAVORITE. I don't know how you could not like them! they are sooo thrilling...but then again, i was ON the swim team so maybe thats a different story. i love your outfit. its so cute that your friend and you have almost matching shirts:) where did you get your phone cover?!

  4. I LOVE THOSE SKINNIES!!! Plato's is the best. We have one in Tallahassee and I don't go there enough. Your hair looks awesome too!

  5. Plumberry what? Tell me more. It sounds like something I want right now.

    Great night out outfit!

  6. super cute outfit!
    and plumberry champagne! I must try!!!

  7. $20 sevens AND they are yellow skinnies?! I'm extremely jealous of you right now.



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