Monday, January 21, 2013

i admit...

that i actually like the new taylor swift song.  even though i really can't stand her, the new song is very catchy.

that even tough i was supposed to go without wine for 21 days, i had some last weekend... sneeaky sneaky.  shhhh!

that i don't always proofread my daily ramblings before posting.  guilty.

that some mornings when my husband gets up before me i pretend that i'm still asleep, and when he goes into the living room i log onto pinterest.  hey i need my space when i'm pinning, k?!

that i absolutely hate going anywhere without makeup on, and sometimes even put it on at the house when i'm by myself.

that i get bummed out when i put alot of thought into a tweet or a facebook status and it doesn't get a single like or favorite...

that sometimes (very seldom) i wake up and think "what excuse could i use today so that i don't have to go into work"

that sometimes i wish i was still in college, when going out and getting hammered was considered ok because you were 21 and irresponsible.

that sometimes i dance like a crazy person at home when i'm by myself.  for some reason i like to think i'm shakira...

that i listen to gangster/ thug rap music when i'm running on the treadmill.  for some reason it gets me motivated.

that if i could get away with wearing sweatpants and t-shirts everyday i so would.

i admit it... i'm a crazy person at heart lol :)


  1. I always listen to hip hop when I'm working out :). I can also relate to liking the new Taylor Swift song, it's so catchy!

  2. i also am a T.Swift hater and am a closet lover of her new song! ahhh!! i basically was going to say the same thing as allie above. rap music is the best for working out!

  3. I also listen to ganster rap when working out...and I'm the same way about a status or tweet.

  4. wow how so many of these things i can relate to!!! esp dancing alone, and the whole FB thing! the other day i posted something about getting an iphone 5 or not (clearly i wanted opinions because my own isnt good enough haha) and NOT. ONE. SINLGE. PERSON responded! jerks. :)



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