Wednesday, January 30, 2013

i make it rain

linking up for ohp with michelle.


i wish mother nature would make up her damn mind.  friday everything was covered in ice, monday i was wearing a t-shirt and today it's raining sideways, and not to mention we are under a tornado watch... and get this, it's supposed to snow tonight...

i swear the bitch has more issues than lindsey lohan.

anyway moving on, since it's pouring the rain outside i thought i would pin some cute rainy day stuff.

so let's start pinning!

if you're in the south i suggest you buy a boat, some liquor, and an umbrella.
happy hump day!


  1. ohh my goosh! the picture with the pup is way too cute! xo annalizbeth

  2. I'm already making my mom monogram about 75 things for my wedding & now a raincoat has just been added to that list.

  3. lil wayne... lotta wayne... BAHAHAHAHAHA love it!



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