Wednesday, January 23, 2013

if i were a boy...

no i'm not gonna pull a beyonce on you.  but i am gonna link up with erin over at living in yellow.

if i were a boy...

i would put down the damn toilet seat.
i would sleep in longer because i wouldn't have to put on makeup or fix my hair.
i would drink as much beer as i wanted to. 

i would be the romantic type and send flowers to my girl every chance i got!

i would own two pairs of shoes because come on who really notices guys shoes.
i would pee outside all the time!
 i would throw man parties.
i would use the stupidest pickup lines in the book.

i would own a suit.  men always look hot in a suit!
 i would rock the jersey shore look at all the clubs.

 and last but not least i would always respect the ladies!


  1. Haha! Love this! I I would do all of these things too, especially the stupidest pick up lines because there are sooooo many out there!

  2. why can they never put that damn seat down?!!

  3. First of all- those are some serious photoshop skillzzz you have girl! Second, I think the pickup lines part might be the best reason to be a guy I've read yet. So glad I found your blog!



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