Thursday, January 17, 2013

it's ok thursday

has it really been that long since i linked up for it's ok thursday??  let's change that shall we?
linking up today with neely! 

it's ok

that i once again hit snooze on my alarm way too many times this morning and ended up being late.. again.

that i gave the man at the red light asking for money for the homeless a piece of gum instead of money yesterday.  sorry, but i'm not giving my hard earned money away, when i'm not even sure if you are legit...

that even though i despise taylor swift, i can't help but sing along to every damn song of hers.  gotta give the girl some credit, her songs are catchy.

that not only has it been raining all week, and i mean all friggin week, now it's supposed to snow!?!  wtf weather??

that i'm obsessed with teen mom, and never miss an episode.  gotta love some baby mama/daddy drama.

go join the linkup and let us know what's ok.  happy thursday loves, see ya tomorrow unless i'm buried in 2 feet of snow...


  1. I cannot stand TSwift!!!

    I never give money to homeless people. i will give food, blankets...not money.

  2. seriously how can you watch teen mom LOL

    i don't like tswift but let me tell you, i knew you were trouble is STUCK IN MY HEAD 24/7 lately!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I know, this weather really bites! I've been locked inside all week & now they are calling for a winter weather advisory? WTF?! Not cool.

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. All the details are on my blog :)

    Laurie Brotherton

  4. I never give the people asking for money at the red light money. If they seem homeless or something, I'll give 'em food, of course. But there's a guy buy one of our most popular intersections that begs for money and drives a car nicer than what most people own!!

  5. Taylor gets me every time! She has a knack for writing catchy songs! I just wish she's grow up a little!

    Dropping in from the linkup!

  6. I also wanted to know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award because your blog is pretty darn awesome!!! Should you choose to accept, you can find the post here!



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