Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year and a new me

hey guys! jenn here, and i'm back in my old routine.  so sorry i've been mia lately.  the holidays are so hectic and i didn't have enough time to even breathe let alone write on the ol' blog everyday.  i hope you all had a great new years eve.  ours was great!  it was the first time in 4 years i had watched the ball drop... i felt like a kid again lol.

so i'm sure all of you have made some sort of new years resolution of some kind.  i always seem to make one and never stick to it, but this year will be different (we'll see in about a month how well i've done).

my new year/ new me plan

1. become more organized
2. be more productive
3. get in better shape
4. start eating healthier
5. drink more water
6. start and actually finish the purpose driven life
7. read my bible more often and focus more time on my relationship with God.
8. focus more on the positives
9. be a better wife
10. cook more at home

hopefully i can stick to this list.  check back with me in about a week and i'll let you know how i'm holding up haha.  oh and to celebrate the new year and the new me i've decided to go on a 21 day fast from two things that i'm totally obsessed with.  yup that's right, i'm giving up two things for 21 days... facebook and wine.
now i'm sure the facebook thing won't be too hard and i'm actually glad because that site can become quite addicting, but the wine part i may struggle with.

moving on...
i haven't joined this wednesday linkup in a while and what better wednesday to start back than the first one of the new year?  so i'm linking up with michelle at the vintage apple for oh how pinteresting wednesday.  make sure you hop over to her blog and congratulate her on the birth of her sweet baby :-)

a little "get my butt in shape" motivation

organization is a must

something neat to try

definitely a lifesaver, but hope i never have to use it

how to fix a broken iphone  
some healthy yummies


frozen coffee ice cubes in almond milk
want more? follow me.

until next time loves!


  1. Love the first pin!! might need to print that off, ha! Good luck not drinking any wine for 21 days! I think I could do without FB too! I've actually thought about deleting it because I get bored with!

  2. i really wish i could delete facebook. i did it a while ago, but it is so much help for promoting my etsy shop that i dont want to lose that!
    good luck with the wine. i prob should try that too, maybe later! haha

  3. Love your new years resolutions! Have you tried making green monster smoothies for breakfast/pre-workout? They are a lifesaver for me so I actually get moving and get some energy without coffee or tea :)Thanks for stopping by from the link up!

  4. I love the facespace, I don't foresee ever deleting it.

    sign me up for #3-5 on your list!

  5. A woman after my own heart with the new year new me outlook. Love your blog. Looking forward to reading more

    Caite x

  6. I love your New Year's resolutions! That first pin has some great ideas, I always find myself hitting the snooze button if I try to work out in the morning!



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