Tuesday, January 29, 2013

take it back tuesday

it's time for another take it back tuesday post!
i always get so excited about these.  i apologize for posting at 4:45.  i've been busy today...

so if you're not familiar with t.i.b.t. let me explain.
julia, ady and i have teamed up for this fun new link up where we take it back and talk about fun things from our past. 

here's what you do.
grab our button


write a post about your past
visit my co-hosts julia and ady
meet new friends.

 since reality tv is the big thing now a days i'm gonna take it back to when reality tv was more than just the kardashians and teenagers getting preggers.

let's re-visit some of my favorite all time reality tv shows.

rock of love with brett michaels

if y'all thought the bitches on the bachelor were cray cray, think again.  those girls have nothing on the famous rock of love girls.

these girls had some serious drama and none of them were trashy... ahem ahem sarcasm...


i have every season and still watch it.
i secretly wish these two were still together.

laguna beach

ohh i loved me some california drama.
lc and lo were my faves!

room raiders

y'all remember this show??  loved it!!

tell us about your past.  link up below :)


  1. Oh my goodness we would have been bff's back in the day!! Love all of these throw backs:) So sad I was so close to Julia and missed seeing you girls! Next time forsure :) xoxo


  2. oh my gosh, i cannot tell you how much i loved nick and jess. i just watched aladdin the other day, and there was an extra on the DVD of them singing "a whole new world" togetherrrrr!!!!



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