Tuesday, January 15, 2013

take it on back now

once again it's time for another take it back tuesday link up!

ady, julia and i are starting a new trend. 
where we talk about everything that reminds us of the good ol' days.

we like to call it...
take it back tuesday


write a post about your past
grab our button
link up
visit my co-host ady and julia.
meet new friends!
sounds like fun right?
*all we ask is that you add our button or include a link-back to us.*
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i love getting together with old friends and talking about old school memories and stuff we used to do before the days of facebook and pinterest.
can you guess who this little squirt is?
that would be your's truly.  wasn't i a cutie patootie?!
so anyway i thought it would be fun to take it way back, i'm talking back to my elementary school days.
remember the days of nick jr.?  we used to watch that everyday!
do you guys remember this show? 

and what about this one??

i think i could probably still sing each of the intro songs to these shows.  they got stuck in your head, kind of like the barney song... but we won't go there haha.
now i know that every one of you girls played this game...

 and of course this cool little thing right here...

my favorite!  but i hated the fact that you could only bake one little cookie, and brownie at a time, but the box shows a whole plate of them!!  what the heck??
wanna play along? go link up, and join in on the fun :) 

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  1. love love love this!!! i watched the shows sooo many times. i still play candy land today. i try playing with my 5 year old neice but she always cheats!

  2. I love this, I may have to link up in the future! I seriously miss my easy bake oven and the good old days!!! Have a great day:)

  3. Easy bake oven...the toy that had me thinking I was a chef and baking cakes, where everyone in my family got a one inch slice of my cakes.

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