Thursday, February 28, 2013

throwback thursday!

thursday is now one of my favorite days of the week.  why?  because me and some amazing ladies host the best linkup ever!
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today is a special throwback thursday.  today i'm going to show you some memories i've had with one of my favorite people in the whole world, my sweet grandma!
my grandma is an amaizing woman.  such a hard worker!  and she is one fun woman to be around.

 before my senior prom

 on our cruise

 she also likes to dance with us ;-)

 my wedding day

 this past thanksgiving. i was sick and she was the best nurse ever!

so lucky to have someone like her in my life.

happy throwback thursday!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

so what!

linking up with miss shannon over at life after i dew for so what wednesday.

so what...

if i'm wearing the same jeans i wore yesterday (shhhh)
if i haven't packed for vegas yet, even though i'm leaving in 2 days!
if i treat my dogs as if they were my own kiddos
if i secretly love the new taylor swift song, even though i can't stand the girl.
if i haven't done laundry in so long, i've got piles of it in my bedroom floor.
if i decide to have a diet coke this afternoon (even though i swore i would never drink them again)
if sometimes i stalk certain celebrities on twitter (who doesn't do that?)
if i spend way over an hour getting ready in the mornings
if i choose to hit snooze 10 times instead of getting up right when my alarm goes off in the morning.
if i have to blare my music to wake me up on my way to work
if that music happens to be cheesy 90's music or even some pop2k (gotta love xm)
if i spend my monday nights watching horrible reality tv such as the bachelor or teen mom 2
if i secretly wish i had my own trashy reality tv show
if i'm obsessed with jessica simpson and have and still watch every season of the newlyweds

hey we all have our guilty pleasures right?
happy hump day loves!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sweet southern wife's got a new look!

hello loves!
well i finally gave in and got a new look!  and not just any old look, a real professional, big girl blog design!

i wanted something sweet, cute, yet simple and vintage.

here was my inspiration
i definitely wanted mint green and peach with some vintage looking lace and that's just what i got!  a big thank you to laura over at the everyday joys!
she does a great job!  if you get time go check out her adorable little blog.


another bachelor recap

aren't monday nights the best?  bachelor and teen mom all in a matter of 3 hours?? hells yeah!

oh another dramatic episode of the bachelor.  i have to admit that i was a little shocked at who got sent home last night.  i wasn't expecting that at all!

let's start with my fave girl lindsay

who would have thought that ol' wedding dress girl would end up in the final three?!?

girl was crazy on the first episode, but now i kinda like her!

so sean takes her to some thailand market where they walk around and eat bugs... gross!

and then they go to a beautiful beach where they end up playing with monkeys.  i think they were a nice touch.  them cute little thangs!

and they end their night with a romantic dinner at which looks like a cheesy pf changs. 

and just so you're caught up, she finally said "i love you" after about an hour of awkward silence.

moving on...

next we have miss ashlee

sean decides to take ol' ashlee cave swimming.  yes you heard right, swimming in a dark cave in water where you have no idea what could be under there.  would i be freaking out a little too?  um yes!

after the suspenseful cave swim, they end up on this beautiful private beach.

ok so... i guess i can take a 10 minute dark cave swim for that.

next up we have catherine

the date starts out with them on a boat taking a little cruise around the islands.  they talk about her bitchy sisters, is she is willing to move to dallas, and how she is totally over sealtle.

and then they share a very romantic kiss in the rain.  and she says it's the "most" romantic thing she's ever done...

so on to the rose ceremony.

we have lindsay, catherine, ashlee, and ashlee's boobs.
ohh they look nervous (the girls, not the boobs)

so he chooses lindsay first and then pauses for what seems like a good 5 minutes, and once again drum roll please...

he chooses catherine.  poor ashlee!  time for her and her ta ta's to head on outa there, oh and if looks could kill...

yup she's pissed!

so of course they are gonna make us wait two weeks to see the final episode.  but next week we get to see all the girls again, and hear from tierra and her eyebrow.  looking forward to that!

check out some of my favorite tweets from last night.  y'all had me cracking up, seriously!!

till next time loves!

Monday, February 25, 2013

sweet southern wife's best and worst of the oscars

yes the oscars were on last night.
the biggest night in hollywood!

argo won best picture, while jennifer lawrence took home best actress for her role in silver linings playbook, and daniel day-lewis took the best actor award for his role in lincoln!

it was a night full of glam, glitter, beautiful people... and not so glamorous looks.

let's take a look at some of my picks for best and the not so best looks of the big night.

my not so favorite looks

miss zoe saldana's dress was gorgeous, however, it would have been an a plus in my book if it didn't have the belt and the over-sized bow on the side.  everything else about the dress is gorgeous!

crazy lady helena bonham carter didn't shock me one bit.  i figured she would show up in something similar to a halloween costume.  she looks as if she is playing dress up, and again what is up with the bow?!?

halle berry is one of those that will surprise you.  she can look absolutely gorgeous sometimes, and other times, not so much.  this dress reminds me of something you would find in a futuristic kind of movie.  it's too boxy!  just not a good look for her in my opinion.

i absolutely love this girl! one of my fave actresses, but this dress was a no go for her!  i would much rather have seen her in something more fitting.  she has a kick ass body and i think she should show it off!

this was by far my least favorite of the night.  i love anne hathaway, but this look made her look 30 years older!  wouldn't you agree.  and it looks as if it's a tad nippy...

my favorite looks

sandra bullock always looks great! this dress was simple yet elegant and it just flattered her perfectly!  definitely one of my favorite looks of the night!

naomi watts did it right!  this dress was stunning on her.  i love that unique cutout on the left shoulder.  and her natural makeup and loose updo paired perfectly with this look.  you go girl!

not a huge jane fonda fan, but this dress looked awesome on her.  i love that she was bold and went for the bright yellow.  and her hair looked amazing! 

don't we all agree that kelly osborne looks awesome?  i love her purple hair, and this dress really flatters her body type.  i think she looked great last night!


i absolutely loved this look on amanda seyfried!  the cut of the dress looked great on her and her loose updo really went well with it!  a plus in my book!

and check out this adorable couple!


how cute are channing and jenna??  i love them!  and that dress looked stunning on her.  this was my fave of the night for sure.

and that concludes the sweet southern wife's best and worst of the oscars 2013.  i hope you all have a fabulous monday!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

*attention college students*

heyyy all you party people!!!
first of all a very happy friday to all of you.  i am so thankful this week is finally over.  i'm hoping next week flies by because next saturday this girl is vegas bound!  jealous?  you should be.  muahaha...

so today's post is going to be a little different.  we're going to talk about college.
oh college, that time in your life where you weren't quite sure where you wanted to go in life, what you wanted to do, and all you had to worry about was getting to class on time.

those were the days right?

my college days were filled with laughter, tears, random spring break trips, and 20 girls living together in a sorority house.  i would give anything to go back to those college days.

where am i going with this post you ask?  well let me just explain.
every college student has to go through the process of getting their textbooks at the beginning of each semester.  come one now you remember this process.  waiting in line at the bookstore, and paying outrageous prices for a book that you are only going to use once!

well today i'm going to tell you about an awesome alternative!  renting textbooks from!

click play to find out how it works!

 renting textbooks has become a very popular alternative for college students today.  what are the perks of using  well that's what i'm here to tell you!

  • you can save 40 - 90% off of the bookstore prices
  • you get free shipping when you rent them and return them
  • you can actually highlight what's important in your textbooks with out worry
  • flexible renting periods
  • they offer a 30 day no-hassle money-back guarantee if you drop your class or order the wrong book, and you won't even have to pay for shipping. 

another plus that comes from renting your textbooks from is their new program called RentBack.

RentBack is a program that allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students.  this program is awesome because they can make 2-4 times the amount of money they would make through other buy back programs!

there's more! has partnered with Operation Smile, which is an organization that helps to provide free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.

with every textbook rented from they will donate to Operation Smile!

so not only are you saving money by renting textbooks, you are also helping to change a life of a child in need.

visit for more information!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

throwback thursday ~ 1985


here's the deal!
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this week i'm throwing it back to mid 1980's, back when this ol gal was a wee lil one.

 year i was born: 1985
popular songs:  madonna; like a virgin, reo speedwagon; i can't fight this feeling, foreigner; i wanna know what love is
who was president: ronald reagan
popular movie: back to the future
popular tv shows: the golden girls, cheers, the cosby show, growing pains

me and my daddy.  i've always been a daddy's girl!

my first steps

yup 1985 was a good year! it's no wonder i love old school 80's music so much.  

happy throwback thursday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a bachelor recap

 so did you all watch this bachelor this week? i'm assuming yes.
if you haven't then i suggest you not read this.  **spoiler alert**

i swear i think each week gets better and better!

let's start from the beginning.

sean goes to visit ashlee's family in houston.  they end up making out laying around in a field where she thanks him for being so understanding about her first marriage, (which was when she was a teenager just to catch y'all up)

her big "oops" moment... telling her parents that there was alot of "romance" on their dates.  her dad didn't look so thrilled to hear that little comment.

when her mom asks sean if he is going to break her daughter's heart, his response was, "no ma'am, well we'll see, we'll see".  excuse me, but what?!?

anyway moving on...

next home date was with catherine in seattle, where sean was surprised that it was actually a beautiful day considering it rains everyday in that neck of the woods.

 sean and catherine enjoy their first few moments throwing and catching fish over a large counter in what looks to be an outside meat market.  how romantic.

when sean goes to meet her family, he gets an awkward silence from her sisters who tell him that catherine ditches boyfriends who don't support her career goals.

and then there is her mom who doesn't actually give him an answer when he asks her for her blessing.  this to me was the most awkward home date of the night.

next up we have lindsay.
so at first i wasn't a big fan of wedding dress girl, but now i think she has grown to be my favorite contestant.

this home date went the best out of all of them in my opinion.
lindsay's dad is a 2 star general which intimidates sean, and honestly it probably would me too.

when he asks for his blessing, her dad hesitates at first by saying "i don't know if i can give you an answer" but then decides to go ahead.  awe 2 star generals really do have a sweet side.

and last but not and least we have miss desiree who to me looks like a college student and i'm sure she still gets carded.

oh boy......
so the date started out with a knock on the door.
who could it be?? was it the brother? nooooo. was it her family?? nooooo.
some random dude walks in and hugs her and starts blabbing about how he still loved her and blah blah blah.  sean is all "i'm right here, talk to me biotch" with clenched fists and all.  and then all of a sudden, gotcha!  total prank.

oh lord!  so anyway meeting the parents wasn't too bad, but when it came to the over protective brother, watch out!  he steps outside to talk to sean alone telling him that he thinks he's a playboy and all this other nonsense.  sean doesn't look too impressed.

des gets into it with her brother telling him he was out of line, and he tells her that sean isn't the one for her.  i feel bad for the girl, i really do!

on to the rose ceremony.  before everything starts des interrupts and goes outside to speak with sean.  she tells him that she was sorry for her brother's rude remarks.  he accepts it and tells her not to worry about it.

now onto the most important part of the night.

so i'm not surprised at all that he picked lindsay and ashlee first.  their home dates were the less random of the 4.  but then he takes a moment before handing out the last rose because now he's confused and doesn't wanna make a mistake. 

is it catherine or des, catherine or des??  come on the suspense is killing me!

and wam bam thank you ma'am he picks catherine!  what tha????!!!

and then him and des have the longest goodbye ever and she keeps repeating that he's making a huge mistake, yada yada yada... the end!

and that's my bachelor recap for this week.  let's see what unfolds in next week's dramatic episode.


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