Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a bachelor recap

 so did you all watch this bachelor this week? i'm assuming yes.
if you haven't then i suggest you not read this.  **spoiler alert**

i swear i think each week gets better and better!

let's start from the beginning.

sean goes to visit ashlee's family in houston.  they end up making out laying around in a field where she thanks him for being so understanding about her first marriage, (which was when she was a teenager just to catch y'all up)

her big "oops" moment... telling her parents that there was alot of "romance" on their dates.  her dad didn't look so thrilled to hear that little comment.

when her mom asks sean if he is going to break her daughter's heart, his response was, "no ma'am, well we'll see, we'll see".  excuse me, but what?!?

anyway moving on...

next home date was with catherine in seattle, where sean was surprised that it was actually a beautiful day considering it rains everyday in that neck of the woods.

 sean and catherine enjoy their first few moments throwing and catching fish over a large counter in what looks to be an outside meat market.  how romantic.

when sean goes to meet her family, he gets an awkward silence from her sisters who tell him that catherine ditches boyfriends who don't support her career goals.

and then there is her mom who doesn't actually give him an answer when he asks her for her blessing.  this to me was the most awkward home date of the night.

next up we have lindsay.
so at first i wasn't a big fan of wedding dress girl, but now i think she has grown to be my favorite contestant.

this home date went the best out of all of them in my opinion.
lindsay's dad is a 2 star general which intimidates sean, and honestly it probably would me too.

when he asks for his blessing, her dad hesitates at first by saying "i don't know if i can give you an answer" but then decides to go ahead.  awe 2 star generals really do have a sweet side.

and last but not and least we have miss desiree who to me looks like a college student and i'm sure she still gets carded.

oh boy......
so the date started out with a knock on the door.
who could it be?? was it the brother? nooooo. was it her family?? nooooo.
some random dude walks in and hugs her and starts blabbing about how he still loved her and blah blah blah.  sean is all "i'm right here, talk to me biotch" with clenched fists and all.  and then all of a sudden, gotcha!  total prank.

oh lord!  so anyway meeting the parents wasn't too bad, but when it came to the over protective brother, watch out!  he steps outside to talk to sean alone telling him that he thinks he's a playboy and all this other nonsense.  sean doesn't look too impressed.

des gets into it with her brother telling him he was out of line, and he tells her that sean isn't the one for her.  i feel bad for the girl, i really do!

on to the rose ceremony.  before everything starts des interrupts and goes outside to speak with sean.  she tells him that she was sorry for her brother's rude remarks.  he accepts it and tells her not to worry about it.

now onto the most important part of the night.

so i'm not surprised at all that he picked lindsay and ashlee first.  their home dates were the less random of the 4.  but then he takes a moment before handing out the last rose because now he's confused and doesn't wanna make a mistake. 

is it catherine or des, catherine or des??  come on the suspense is killing me!

and wam bam thank you ma'am he picks catherine!  what tha????!!!

and then him and des have the longest goodbye ever and she keeps repeating that he's making a huge mistake, yada yada yada... the end!

and that's my bachelor recap for this week.  let's see what unfolds in next week's dramatic episode.

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