Tuesday, February 26, 2013

another bachelor recap

aren't monday nights the best?  bachelor and teen mom all in a matter of 3 hours?? hells yeah!

oh another dramatic episode of the bachelor.  i have to admit that i was a little shocked at who got sent home last night.  i wasn't expecting that at all!

let's start with my fave girl lindsay

who would have thought that ol' wedding dress girl would end up in the final three?!?

girl was crazy on the first episode, but now i kinda like her!

so sean takes her to some thailand market where they walk around and eat bugs... gross!

and then they go to a beautiful beach where they end up playing with monkeys.  i think they were a nice touch.  them cute little thangs!

and they end their night with a romantic dinner at which looks like a cheesy pf changs. 

and just so you're caught up, she finally said "i love you" after about an hour of awkward silence.

moving on...

next we have miss ashlee

sean decides to take ol' ashlee cave swimming.  yes you heard right, swimming in a dark cave in water where you have no idea what could be under there.  would i be freaking out a little too?  um yes!

after the suspenseful cave swim, they end up on this beautiful private beach.

ok so... i guess i can take a 10 minute dark cave swim for that.

next up we have catherine

the date starts out with them on a boat taking a little cruise around the islands.  they talk about her bitchy sisters, is she is willing to move to dallas, and how she is totally over sealtle.

and then they share a very romantic kiss in the rain.  and she says it's the "most" romantic thing she's ever done...

so on to the rose ceremony.

we have lindsay, catherine, ashlee, and ashlee's boobs.
ohh they look nervous (the girls, not the boobs)

so he chooses lindsay first and then pauses for what seems like a good 5 minutes, and once again drum roll please...

he chooses catherine.  poor ashlee!  time for her and her ta ta's to head on outa there, oh and if looks could kill...

yup she's pissed!

so of course they are gonna make us wait two weeks to see the final episode.  but next week we get to see all the girls again, and hear from tierra and her eyebrow.  looking forward to that!

check out some of my favorite tweets from last night.  y'all had me cracking up, seriously!!

till next time loves!


  1. So hilarious! I absolutely love the recap here and I am so sad the Bachelor is over :( Only 2 more months until the Bachelorette starts, though!! Woooh... let's hope it's just as fun and exciting as this season's Bachelor was! :)

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